Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Following the babies

In a previous post here, at the very end I showed a picture of a mummy waiting patiently on her nest. She is in a small climbing bush near our front door, it's not very thick but it is a bit prickly.
Anyway despite the thorns we've all been keeping a close eye on the nest. We have lots of birds nesting in the garden but not usually so visible. We did once have a robin build her nest in a half-used bag of potting compost (very near to the ground) and we loved watching the babies grow.

Sarah asked me what kind of bird it is, we think it's a greenfinch. She's very pretty, small and quite beige with flashes of pale green.

Before the weekend we looked in and saw these

and a couple of days later it looked like this
just some twitchy, fuzzy balls and 1 egg

And today we saw this
a tiny open beak, waiting for mum!

We think it's a greenfinch but the eggs are confusing us slightly, the bird book says eggs are smooth, glossy white to pale beige with blackish markings. However ours look pale blue, although I've only really seen them on camera as I've been pushing the camera into the bush rather than my face!

We have a lot of bullfinches around the bird feeder too, they are a beautiful bird with a vivid red face. I've tried to get a picture of them but without luck so far.
Hopefully they will all thrive and I'll try to capture their next stage on camera too.


  1. Your pictures are amazing, especially the one showing the beak! Hope they are all triving.
    Sarah x

  2. How fantastic to be able to get so close to them! I love the 'open beak' shot.

  3. Really fab photos. Lovely to be able to see nature up close. Hope the family continue to do well.
    Lisa x

  4. Oh that's lovely, makes my day! For tiny humans the open beak shot never ends does it?