Tuesday, 15 May 2012

How many cream teas can you eat in one week??

Well it's been a great week, busy and very wet but I enjoyed it, hopefully Gran did too.
She flies home at 11am tomorrow and will probably need to put her feet up as soon as she lands! I know I'm worn out and I'm not 92 (I just feel like it sometimes!!)
We started off slowly and built up speed as the week went on! Our first trip out was here...

Sheringham, on the Norfolk coast.
It was a dry day, a bit blustery on the seafront though. Then we had a cream tea with the most enormous scone I'd ever seen, before coming home in time for the school run.

Gran accompanied me on various trips to cricket, gymnastics, school and shopping and pretty much every day we managed a coffee and cake shop - that's my kind of shopping trip!
She came to watch Little Miss take part in an inter-club gymnastics competition. Her first with this club as she's only been training there for 6 months. She quite new to gymnastics but she's quite well suited to it - she is very bendy!! Some of her joints over extend and bend the "wrong" way. Her wrists will allow her to turn her hand a full 360 degrees  (it makes me feel sick to see it!)
Anyway we watched her perform various routines and then waited for the medal presentation before we could go home. I thought she'd done well but we did not expect to come home with the GOLD medal, yes the GOLD!!
Gran was over the moon to have been there and spent the rest of the day texting her friends to boast!
We've had lunch with friends and met other friends for coffee, all of whom love her to bits. She talks a lot, even more than me which my friends find hard to believe! I'm ending the week with a very sore throat!
I took very few pictures this week so this post is becoming a bit too wordy I'm afraid.

All in all I think Gran has enjoyed her stay with us, although I'm sure she's exhausted. And we'll all miss her once she's flown home. I'm not sure if she'll miss the wreck of a house we now live in..... or the layer of dust on all her food!


  1. What a busy visit your Gran has had with you, cream teas are just one of the best treats ever!
    Congrats to Little Miss on her win.
    LIsa x

  2. What a wonderful week you have had with your Gran. She sounds a remarkable lady being able to use a mobile and text and accompanying you all week. When my Dad was that age he couldn't do any of that!
    I'm so pleased Little Miss won her medal and in front of her Great Gran too!
    Sarah x

  3. Oh I am so enjoying the pics of Gran - good on you!. What an amazing woman, my Mum and Dad are useless with technology and are constantly fiddling ineffectively with their phones (btw, I have inherited that hopelessness with technology) LOVE cream teas, miss them...

    1. Gran texts her best friend, also 92, all the time and the rest of the family too. She doesn't fully understand how it works though as she says the text will get to me quicker than to my Dad as he lives further away!!