Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A few more Gran-isms

Well I dropped Gran off at the airport today for an 11am flight back down to Devon and we were both a little teary eyed. As we only see her once a year you never know, at 92, how many more visits there'll be.

She was wheeled away in an airport wheelchair by a very nice porter - she doesn't need a wheelchair but has discovered that by asking for one she'll board 1st, move around much faster and someone else will carry her bag!! She's a smart woman and always has been! As she disappeared I heard her say to the porter, "that's my Grandaughter you know...". I imagine he didn't get a word in edgeways until she was installed in her aeroplane seat!

I hope she enjoyed her time with us, it's very quiet here today. I've realised that at 92 you can do and say exactly what you like. Luckily no one heard her as we waited outside primary school on Tuesday and she said "there's a couple of mums in that playground with very large bottoms, they ought to lose a few pounds!"

And the man on holiday at our local who she chatted to while we ordered a meal won't forget his encounter in a hurry. She asked him to guess her age and he guessed at 83, which pleased her enormously. But then he asked her to guess his, she said 80. When he gasped and looked horrified she said "is it higher or lower?" I think he was around 50!

I think she's always liked a joke, at least I hope so. When she was telling us that her house was around 120 years old, the builder asked if she'd lived there from new!!
He had to run fast to escape a clip round the ear!

I thought I'd end this post with a lovely photo of Gran taken over 20 years ago at our wedding, she had a glass of sherry (do people actually drink sherry?!) in each hand and just after this was taken she was balancing a third on her head!!

You may spot the wedding reception venue in the background.... any guesses??


  1. Oh my gosh, three glasses of sherry, I love your Gran! She is Brit's answer to Betty White! And of course your reception was on a cricket field? (Funnily enough I did a post on sherry - edited from an article I wrote) about sherry. The New York Times said it was the new hip drink, though after tasting loads, I could only handle it in a cocktail...

  2. Your Gran's an inspiration to us all, let's hope we are all like that if we reach that age.
    I immediately realised it must be a cricket pitch, you haven't changed your husband over the tears then?
    Sarah x

    1. He plays a little less these days Sarah but as both my boys play a lot he coaches and umpires their matches as well as playing at the weekend!We married on the first cricket-free Saturday at the end of the summer but couldn't go on honeymoon until the Monday as there was a Sunday match!! I'm learning to live with it!

  3. I drink sherry!!! HA!

    Thank you for the birthday wishes.

    Your Gran sounds fantastic. Was she at my playground? There are certainly a few big bums there that's for sure!!