Monday, 28 May 2012

A Slower Pace of Life

The weekend is finally over and I'm exhausted!
there's been a lot of the weather has been so lovely.

 There's been a couple of sessions of ballet....
to prepare for the exam Sunday

Before the exam there was this...                                                  Little Miss had her first game and was delighted to take 1 wicket, although they didn't win the match.

Number 2 son was playing in Northants Sunday so he and the builder left early and number 1 son is playing for his club nearby.

I've been driving like a mad woman both Saturday ans Sunday to try to get everywhere on time, I slightly miscalculated today as I decided we needed to leave the cricket before the end to get to the ballet in time. In my muddled brain I calculated we needed an hour and a half to make the 20 minute journey!! Not sure what I was thinking but we were over an hour early (at least we weren't late!).

My speedy driving isn't helped by the fact that I've been driving the builders truck through these very narrow country lanes. He had to take my car to Northants as it's much more fuel efficient. There was a slightly hairy moment when we met a caravan along one of these lanes, I managed to reverse into a ditch but no damage done!

But we did squeeze in a vist here in the middle of the mayhem...

All in all a busy but fun weekend.

Why the title of this post? Well I happened to catch an old episode of "Escape to the Country" on TV on Friday evening and they featured our area of the East Coast - apparently this is the place to be if you want a slower pace of life - shame no one told this family!!


  1. Goodness me what a busy weekend driving to and fro. Lovely to have been able slot in a trip to the beach too. Looks like you do live in a beautiful area.
    Lisa x

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  3. Escape to the country must have forgotten to mention that the slower pace of life only happens after the children have grown up and left home. Glad to see you had a few free moments to enjoy the sea!
    Sarah x

  4. Just reading this has my head in a spin! Oh you poor soul, surrounded as you are by cricket, hope Little Miss did well at her ballet exam :o)
    Thank you Jay for visiting and you kind comments. Yes, it's a much cooler day - better all round :o)
    I do have the patience to wait for the little critters to get a photo - I think it must come with age though as I was never a very patient person in my younger days!
    Hope you have a relatively cricket free week, and the Kitchen mayhem is settling down for you.
    Best wishes
    Rose H