Friday, 3 October 2014

When the cat's away.....

It's been a stressful week (when isn't it?) . Number 1 son has sent more text messages and emails (from all 3 of his email accounts) sometimes all coming at the same time (that boy can certainly multi-task) than I can count. There's hardly been time to move away from a screen...he's needed his medical form (it was in his bag) he needed his online banking details (it was in a folder marked banking; in his bag) he needed more books, could we possibly order them (who's paying?) He needed more contact lenses, could we possibly post them (why didn't he take them all, they're the size of a pea (almost)). Could we post the phone charger, a shirt and more other things than I can count!
 He's also made me feel incredibly guilty as he's turning into me
(not in a sex change kind of way!) and is worrying about everything.
 He was worried that if he joined the gym he wouldn't know how to use the equipment, but if he went with a gym-tastic friend who did know he'd look silly. 
When he did join the gym he sent many texts to say he thought he'd joined the wrong gym
 (there are 2 main one's on campus) and he'd also paid the wrong fee!

He's worried that the course is far too hard and everyone else understands it except him. He was worried that he was too hungover to follow the first lecture (who's fault is that?) 
He has worried about absolutely everything.....just like I do! He's wanted to change the course, drop out (but not leave his halls and come home) and run away and hide. Today he seems like he may have turned a corner and I've had fewer messages and all of them a little  happier. 
It's not stopped me worrying though!!

It was a tough week at work too, I know I'm not full time but it still felt like a very long week.
I still have no clue what I'm doing and very many letters landed on my desk on Monday from unhappy clients! It did (after a sleepless night) turn out to be an error at the other end of the line and nothing to do with me (or the company I work for!) When one of my colleagues showed me the heap of letters she had also from clients I must admit to blurting out "I'm so pleased!".

And then my dear Gran has been taken poorly again, and spent another night in hospital. I had a message from my Dad to say he was on his way from Wales with the rest of the dragons in tow and would I meet him there. Luckily now I no longer have a school run to do I could manage the hour and a half journey there to coincide with his arrival - 
she was being discharged from hospital and being taken back to her care home. 
He'd been told by the doctor that time was very short and if we wanted to visit it would be best to do so sooner rather than later. I'd made a decision some time ago that my children had seen her for the last time, I preferred them to remember the Gran they've always known, the one who chased The Builder around the room with her stick when he dared to suggest she'd bought her house newly built - it was built around 1900! I can't believe that it's not quite 12 months since my visit to her, when she was noticeably more frail and a little confused. We had a few giggles but I was worried about leaving her. She had insisted on that trip that I give her a new hair-do, "being that you're a hairdresser" (I've never been a hairdresser!) and also introduced me to her neighbour as "my Grandaughter who's got 3 sons you know".

She's been at the care home for most of this year, and has deteriorated an awful lot, I guess it's not a surprise as she is 94, but it's not so nice to see. She seems to be mentally in quite a happy place as she believes she's out in the car on day trips most days!
Gran with her son, his 2 daughters and 1 of her great-grandaughters -
I'm the short-arse in the middle at the back - I'm the product of a 5' Mum and a 6'4" Dad

Anyway she was delivered back from the hospital and in true Gran style sat up at the table and wolfed down sausage and mash, strawberry cheesecake and a mug of tea! 
We had a nice chat and then I left as she dozed; it was a good visit and I know
 there won't be many more.

But this weekend is all about ME!
The Builder is away to Butlins with 9 friends to boogie (or more likely drink) his way around a dance floor with a cheesy 80's backdrop of bands 
(some real, some look-a-likey). 
It's an excuse to unwind and he does need it; 
it's very much a case of "what happens in Skegness, stays in Skegness"!
I may ridicule the venue, I do, many, many times! But we did have a very nice Christmas break there as a family a few years ago, the kids enjoyed it but we were sworn to secrecy -
we must never, ever, tell their friends!
So if you know any of their friends please feel free to drop it into conversation......

And while the cat is away, what should the mouse do? Well I've cleaned the house and fumigated his pile of grubby work clothes. I've invited a friend and her boys over tonight, and another friend over tomorrow evening when Little Miss also has a sleepover for her 2 best friends.
We're having a takeaway tonight, and then maybe a spot of pudding!!

and it wouldn't be a proper meal without chocolate would it?

Anyone want to join my pudding club?

Actually I may call off the friends visiting, send the kids to bed early and have a weekend alone.....just me and my sweet tooth.....

Well that is if I survive the weekend without being shipped off to A & E (rest assured I'd grab the banoffee pie on the way out), I've just gone the length of my bedroom a la skating on ice!
It appears that The Builder sprayed his shoes with Mr Sheen polish before he left (he is good, he cleans them every year!) and he seems to have sprayed the floor
(and not wiped it up) - the floorboards are as skiddy as a glacier!