Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Thoroughly Plastered!

Sadly it's not me who's plastered but the kitchen ceiling!
Work on phase 999 of the house re-renovations are continuing, albeit a little slowly due to sunny weather/cricket matches.
So many matches had been rained off that we now have a backlog and someone in this house has a match pretty much every day of the week! I say someone because mostly I have lost track of who is playing where and for which team!
Even Little Miss has her first match on Sunday, a couple of hours before her ballet exam - fingers crossed for an injury free game. And all this in GCSE fortnight (or is it 3 weeks? I've lost track) for number 1 son.

Anyway back to the kitchen re vamp.....
I emptied all of my kitchen cupboards just after Gran left us, as I cook a lot I didn't want to pack too much away so decided a good plan would be to lay everything within easy reach in the dining room. We don't use the dining room much so it wouldn't be a problem.

But I have learned to expect the unexpected in my life with "the builder".....I came home from work the following day to find not much progress had been made in the kitchen, the builder however, emerged from the dining room looking a little dusty, to say he'd decided to knock through into the extension!! Can you picture the mess, sadly I didn't photograph it! A very thick layer of grey concrete dust over everything - the pictures on the wall, the ornaments and, of course, all of the food!! Luckily everything was sealed but good grief it was a mess. He smiled at me like he deserved a medal for tackling such a big job!

We now have a gaping hole into the room next door and there that particular project ended, hopefully I won't have to wait 7 years for it to be completed, although I don't think I sound convincing!

But on my return home from work yesterday I found a newly plastered ceiling in the kitchen, he'd taken the old one down as we're changing the lights around a lot. It looks great when you look up, but this is what it looked like when you look down....

I think the floor is plastered too!
I know he's a tidy workman when in someone elses house, but then I guess they pay him in real money and not banana cake & custard!
I'm not sure I'll manage with the only remaining light... the electrician comes Monday to fit proper lights (17 of them!)

 Well if everything else is plastered I may as well join in... shame the glasses are buried under inches of rubble and dust!!

Anyway on a slightly different note it looks like we'll be having babies soon ....
this nest is just by our front door so we're trying hard not to disturb mum!


  1. My sympathies re the mess. I've never understood how men can just start a messy job without moving/covering up stuff first. Drives me mad! xx

  2. I feel for you we had our kitchen redone about 12 years ago and we were without the kitchen for a week and I hated it! The family thought it was funny having different meals!
    Hope you have been more impressed over the last few days coming back form work with the progress made, and less mess!
    What a wonderful picture of the bird what type is it?
    Sarah x

  3. Oh my! The dust when work is done around the home is awful. Really hope this phase goes smoothly and progress is quick!
    Lisa x

  4. Banana cake and custard is a fantastic payment, better than real money I would say. How lovely that you have a wee nursery right beside the front door...