Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Waiting for Gran

Well I think we're just about ready, as ready as we can be with a completely dismantled kitchen!
Some progress has been made on the kitchen, the new cooker is connected and should slide into place tomorrow. The new kitchen hasn't yet been ordered as "the builder" always like to negotiate the price down to within an inch of it's life - I'm hopeful we can place the order before the end of this week.

All cricket has been rained off which has resulted in a very grumpy household, it's been dry-ish today so they're all at the training ground, including Little Miss who has decide that this year she will be a cricketer (as well as gymnast, ballet dancer and trumpet player). I think she was swayed by the glittery sight of the medals handed out to all juniors at the end of last season - the "thank-you-for-turning-up" medals.

I have attempted to do lots of baking in my very limited work space, I've filled the freezer with meals and cakes as my Gran arrives tomorrow.
She flies in at 2pm, from Exeter in Devon. It's around an hours flight which is so much better than the bus journey of around 9 hours! Gran is 92 years young and has been quite a jet setter in her time. She was widowed shortly before her or my Grandad had retired so has lived alone for many years. Her 2 children, my Dad and his sister live hundred's of miles away (on opposite sides of the UK).

She's the kind of person I hope I grow up to be! She takes a keen interest in all the childrens sporting activities and will want to see shool reports and certificates and trophies when she gets here.
I think she's secretly a bit of a Marilyn Monroe as she only wears pure silk to sleep in and always has a splash of Chanel number 5!!

This is Gran taken a last summer with Little Miss.

Last year unfortunately the flights were cancelled so Little Miss and I drove down to see her - the longest drive I've ever done by far.

She's travelled all over the world and went on a Mediteranean cruise for her 90th birthday. She couldn't understand why people were amazed, because, as she said she's never been on a cruise before!
Anyway I hope we're ready, Gran like to chat and will no doubt wear me out over the next 7 days! She'll be visiting every coffe shop in the surrounding area, calling in on many of my friends who have asked to see her and attending various matches and sporting competitions.
I hope we'll cope!!


  1. She sound's like an amazing lady! Hope I get to live that long and see my great grand children :) xx

  2. Wow, that's what I want to be like when I'm 90 - lovely photo!

  3. Have a wonderful time with your wonderful Gran!
    Lisa x

  4. Hi Jay,
    Your Gran sounds amazing to still be able to have adventures! I hope she had a good journey and you have a wonderful time together.
    Sarah x

  5. Have fun with this amazing woman! she looks fabulous!