Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Brassed Off!

It's been a funny old week, lots of scheduled cricket matches for all the age groups, lots of squeezing heavy kit bags into the car or the school bus...and every single match has been rained off! (you may have heard me cheering!) We have had so much rain in this part of the world that we've had flood warnings everywhere! Yes thats flood warnings at the same time as we have a hosepipe ban still on due to the drought!! It could only happen in England!

We live near to a series of waterways called The Norfolk Broads, very popular with holiday makers on boats. The holiday makers are easy to spot, they nearly always wear a sailor hat (or pirate hat if you're on a stag weekend) with shorts and a raincoat. Anyway the rivers are in serious danger of breaking their banks in many places - luckily we're not close enough to be affected.

Well due to some unexpected spare time the builder (husband) has recommenced work on our house, work that was actually started some 7 years ago. As you can see he really got stuck in one day while I was at work...
And, I know what you're thinking, he didn't move anything or put anything away before he started!! We have a thick layer of dust over absolutely everything we own. He could have closed the dishwasher!

I must NOT complain though and must praise every move he makes just to keep the momentum up! I am now left with virtually no cupboards and just one set of drawers holding up a wonky piece of worktop.
Picture before the worktop was added but new cooker moving in!

This may not sound too bad and progress is being made BUT... we haven't ordered the new kitchen yet AND my 92 year old Grandma comes to stay for a week in 8 days time!!

However the real reason I'm brassed off is this
Yes  it's a cornett, and not one full of ice-cream I'm afraid to say!

Little Miss decided a few weeks ago that she'd like to take up a musical instrument, and her instrument of choice was, she said, a trombone!
Bearing in mind that although she is 9 years old she is still tiny and as light as a feather I wasn't sure this was the best choice for her. Extend the trombone, topple over face first, is what I imagined! Probably the same thought as the music teacher had as he recommended a cornett.
She started lessons on Friday, and seems to be following in the family footsteps.... she does not have one musical bone in her body!! Early days I know but however good she gets I feel it will remain VERY LOUD!
And why did no one tell me they get to bring their instrument home at weekends??!!


  1. Hi Jay, Your post made me smile! I think you should do something different too, to join in with the rest of your family! I hope the rain has stopped now and your kitchen will be operational before your Grandma arrives.
    Sarah x

  2. Well if the rains means progress on your kitchen at least some good is coming of it.

  3. Hope the kitchen continues to progress well and that all, or most of it, is sorted in time for your Grandma's visit. When T was learning the cello he only got to bring it home if we paid the insurance, maybe worth checking????!!!!
    Do you think you'll join in with the scavenger hunt next month?
    Lisa x

    1. I like the idea of the scavenger hunt Lisa, maybe not next month but I will keep an eye on it and maybe join in later - I really enjoyed looking at all the photos. Oh and I asked about bringing the cornett home, apparently thats the deal,we get to keep it at home for as long as she has lessons!

  4. Woah! You need to decamp to my friend's house down the road for a couple of days. We did it last week for three days and they were delighted to have us...(weren't they??)

    1. Thank you for the offer Jody - tell your friends I'm on my way... and do they have room for a 92 year old Gran too??