Thursday, 26 April 2012

a lesson in bad parenting

Last night I had to ferry number 1 son plus friend to a gig/concert/performance/show (whichever word I use he ridicules me as I am obviously far too old to have ever been to a gig myself!)

I don't mind driving as I really wish I'd been to more gigs when I was younger. I do go to some now but it does make me feel very old!

Anyway another Mum was doing the homeward/late night journey this time so it wasn't so bad. I have spent a few evenings lately sitting outside venues waiting for him to appear.
The last one resulted in a text from me to him, an hour after the arranged pick up time, saying that if you don't come to the car NOW I'm leaving and you're walking!! He's not a bad boy, just very vague at times and loses track of time - anyone who knows me would know exactly where he gets that from!!

Hearing him and his friend in the back of my car chatting reminded me of the time they met and what a terrible day that could have been. I hope if I tell this story no one reports me to the child welfare authorities!!

It was a few years ago, in the 6 week summer school break. I took number 1 son to a sports club to keep him entertained (and to wear him out) as I also had number 2 son then just past toddler stage and Little Miss still a baby.

At the end of the day number 1 son came running to me outside the club to tell me he'd had a great day and had made a new friend. His friend joined him and asked if number 1 could go home with him to play and have tea. I was a little stressed as Little Miss was wailing in the car wanting a feed and number 2 didn't want to sit still any longer. The new friend's Dad appeared and said it would be a pleasure to take number 1 home for a while as I clearly had my hands full.

At that point my mind turned to mush and I wasn't sure what to do! I looked over at the Dad's car, it was a nice car so they must be a nice family, right? I asked him where they lived and he told me a nearby village, well known for being a bit up-market, so they must be a nice family, right?

I had 2 boys begging to play together and 2 kids in the car begging to go home RIGHT NOW!

So I agreed and the new friends Dad took my address to deliver number 1 son home later, he could see I was under pressure!

Have you spotted where I went wrong? I got home and had a major panic, had my son been kidnapped? Where had he gone and who with? I paced the floor wondering whether to call 999, what could I tell the police? I'd let my son go home with someone I didn't know, I knew the village they lived in but not the house (they may have lied). They drove a lovely car but no, I didn't know the registration number, colour or model.

Oh but wait I did know the boys name.... it was Dobby!!
He may or may not have looked a little like the Harry Potter character!

Thank God he was delivered safely home at the arranged time and they've remained friends ever since, the parents are lovely and both teach at number 1 son's high school.

However, letting your son go home with a strange man, in a strange car, to an address you don't know with a friend called Dobby..... surely thats an arrestable offence??!!


  1. I've done similar things so many times, sometimes you have to believe in people....

  2. unfortunately I understand this completely.
    I am your newest follower