Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Great Easter Egg Hunt

Happy Easter Everyone!

On Easter Sunday we traditionally visit a nearby friends house for their HUGE Easter Egg Hunt. Usually it's just me and Little Miss as the boys are more often that not at cricket, however this year we were all available to hunt.

The day hadn't started well as husband and I were woken from a deep sleep with a voice saying "the Easter Bunny hasn't been"! This is just like all the times the tooth fairy forgets to visit - honestly my head is a sieve!! (It's a whole other story about when the tooth fairy had to send an apologetic letter with Father Christmas which he kindly placed in that particular child's stocking!)

First that issue was resolved as the Easter Bunny had mistakenly left the eggs downstairs so all was forgiven .

Then we realised that the usual last minute text message to invite us to join the party hadn't arrived! I checked my 'phone several times as signal is poor here in the back of beyond - but nothing. We had no other plans and all three kids were pestering for us to turn up uninvited! Eventually I sent a message to enquire and we were duly invited (hopefully not too cheeky; they are very good friends) I think they's assumed we'd just turn up.

Well these particular friends are best described as eccentric and we never know what to expect, other that a really fun time of course! (there was the year when we turned up en masse making plenty of noise only to find the gathered guests taking part in a Catholic Mass on the front lawn - not unpleasant but certainly unexpected!)

This year was as much fun as ever - people watching is something I enjoy and boy there was plenty of that to be had! I particularly like the lady who has, for the past 3 Easters, greeted me very warmly with a kiss on each cheek, exclaiming how pleased she is to see me again - I have absolutely no idea who she is! The man who plays piano is a story all on it's own!

The afternoon started with wine, a great start! Then all the children along with a few adults (me included) sat in a room with all curtains drawn while the eggs were being hidden. The gardens are huge and no where is out of bounds!
Can you spot the egg high up in this tree?

And some were in this boat pushed out into the middle of the lake - yes one mad teenager did swim for them!

The afternoon ended with games of football,  egg and spoon races and British Bulldog. Great fun was had by all and we came home with an enormous haul of chocolate.

As with previous years we all felt ever so slightly like we'd been at the Mad Hatters Tea Party!! (without any tea....just wine!)


  1. Your friends easter egg hunt sound amazing! It must have taken some effort to hide them!

    I have to admit I have forgotten about the tooth fairy, I'm glad I am not alone. We also had one year when the Easter Bunny only had time to leave the eggs by the back door rather than hide them in the garden.
    Sarah x

  2. Wow!!! What a day!! Thank you so much for popping by seaview cottage!! I am now up to 51 followers!! I know many people have many more but I am still just amazed that I have 51!!! I am looking forward to following you!!

  3. Yes it was a great day! I was told today that there were 12 eggs in the boat pushed into the lake, had I have known that at the time I'd have jumped in myself! Thank you both for visiting and leaving comments x