Saturday, 14 April 2012


After reading blogs about Spring cleaning and decluttering I thought I'd try to restore a little order to my kitchen notice board, as you can see it was a little over crowded!

I need to make way for all the new fixture lists which will need to be followed, the beloved cricket season will be starting any day now!

We have club cricket for under 13's, under 17's (possibly under 10's if Little Miss joins in) seniors 1st XI, seniors 2nd XI and the Sunday team. As well as that we have County fixtures for under 13's and for the elderly!! (my husband was selected for County over 50's last year - he'd waited a lifetime to play at this level and had mixed feelings that he only made it at the age of 50)

I've thrown everything away that had expired (party invites, long past parents evening letters etc) and tried to make way for the summer schedules and "important date" reminders.

However at the bottom of it all I found the bill for my Christmas Turkey, as yet unpaid!! I'd better rectify this asap or we'll be blacklisted and have nothing to eat for Christmas 2012!!

We've had a busy 2nd week of the Easter break, number 2 son arranged a paintballing party with a Groupon voucher he had for Christmas - in our usual organised fashion we managed to book it one day before the voucher expired! It was a chaotic few days of getting it all sorted - Number 2 son had handed out invites to friends, most of whom we didn't know and who's 'phone numbers he didn't have. We had a couple of late call offs and 2 who 'phoned to say they'd love to come as long as they could have a lift to the venue!! After some hound dog eyes directed at us we agreed to one sleepover and one pick up. The pick up turned out to be about 30 miles in the opposite direction, cue lots of muttering "why do we always agree to this..."

Number 1 son had to be dragged out of bed at the crack of dawn (8.30am) to make up the numbers! The poor boy was pushed into the shower still with eyes shut, loaded into the car and dropped off at the local McDonalds to buy his own breakfast and with instructions that a lady in a black car containing two 12 year olds would pick him up shortly!!

 Anyway a good day, albeit a muddy one, was had by all.

However after all this sorting of the notice board I realised it took so long I'd forgotten to take
Little Miss to gymnastics - so much for being more organised.... I blame my age!!


  1. Hi Jay,
    When I had a notice board it always had out of date information and I could never find the current information I needed! I hope your daughter didn;t mind too much missing gymnastics. I hope you have a quieter week next week.

    1. Hi Sarah She didn't mind really, we were still in holiday mode!

  2. Hi Jay, thanks for stopping by so I could find your blog! Our lives too are dominated by the American cricket - baseball, interminably long, un-understandable and loads of intense blokes hanging around...At least my boys' other obsession - basketball - is over in an hour (or two...)

    1. Thank you for finding me! Yes cricket does rather dominate our lives and is very long and very boring! We also have footballers (soccer) in the house which is of course a much shorter game but for us in the UK happens in the freezing, wet and windy days of winter!