Friday, 20 April 2012

I didn't see that coming, no really, I DID NOT see that coming!

In the past the cricket club my husband and sons have played for has invited an overseas player to come for the season. Originally they stayed at a local pub in exchange for occasional bar work. Around 5 or 6 years ago, when we were in the middle of building our most recent extension work suddenly shifted to building a double garage in the garden - I was perplexed, we had planning permission for the garage but no intention of building it until finances allowed.The extension, however we really needed to complete to give us an extra bedroom and, more importantly an extra bathroom.

It got curiouser, the garage was plastered out beautifully (not essential work for an outbuilding!), then stranger still a toilet was installed. I don't know if you see what this is building up to, but I didn't!!

Stranger still a small fitted kitchen took shape as well as a lovely showerarea.

It was sold to me as a great party room for our kids - yes thats great but an extra loo in the house maybe more use??

Any hoo - as you may have guessed and what sadly I did not guess until too late, we have over the years we have played host to various cricketers all of whom were lovely but all of whom seriously invaded my space!  I DO NOT WANT ANYONE LIVING WITH ME - I often struggle to live with the other 4 members of my family!

There are many tales to tell, from throwing open the bedroom curtains wearing very little and finding myself looking straight at 3 young Australian lads bouncing on the trampoline (he'd invited two friends over!) to the nice New Zealander (Muslim) who arrived and asked where our nearest Halal butcher was - a difficult one as we're in the middle of no where!

There was also the chap who installed himself & then asked to use the house as well as his wife arrived in two weeks time!!

Well we've met some lovely people and are still in touch with all of them but .... I do not want them living with me, have I made that clear?? I DO NOT WANT THEM LIVING WITH ME!

Well that brings you up to speed and hopefully explains why, this week, I had the biggest tantrum of my life! (I've always told my husband that if he chose to marry an only child he must expect tantrums!)

I had a phone call at work from husband to ask if I'd like a meal out with this years overseas player, arrived that day from South Africa. Well I don't often turn down a meal I don't have to cook but the gist of the conversation was.... would you believ he has nowhere to stay!! What? A very organised committee had arranged a flight, visa, car of his own for the summer... and no place to stay!! Yeah right!

As I write this the husband is busy cleaning, sweeping and washing the penthouse suite/student bedsit... and, before you ask there is of course still no shower or loo in the extension!!

Is there something written across my forehead?? What is it do you think?

I would like to say "it's him or me" but I fear there would be at least 3 voices shouting "let's keep the cricketer!"


  1. Thanks for popping by and leaving a comment. I glad you enjoyed reading the post about the 70's music.
    You do live in a very pretty place. Good luck with the new house guest.
    Lisa x

  2. You are a saint. I am not good at volunteering our house for guests and as they say most visitors go off after three days.

  3. Wow! You have more patience than me. I would have put my foot down and claimed the garage as my workroom!
    I sympathise with the renovation work, I find if things don't get done at the beginning it's often easier just to live with unfinished bits and they get overlooked. Good luck!

  4. I think you deserve a medal! Good luck.