Saturday, 7 April 2012

A day trip to Wales

We returned home last night from a very quick trip "abroad"!
All 5 of us piled into my husbands truck on Thursday morning and set of on the 250 mile journey; 3 kids sqeezed into the back seat along with pillows, bags etc was not exactly conducive to a fun filled ride!

We'd been putting off the trip for weeks but decided to bite the bullet earlier in the week.

I should explain....
Over the last 12 months and in the course of our ongoing (ongoing for 18 years up to now!!) cottage renovations we have decided to try to make our home more energy efficient. This isn't easy in a solid brick 200+ year old house. We currently have oil fired central heating and an oil fired oven, oil is horrendously expensive now, to the point where we have to heating switched off most of the time.
In December, after many months of searching I found an electric/lpg  cooker which matched my current one on ebay. The problem was it was over 200 miles away at the other side of the country. After much "discussion" and promises of gourmet food my husband agreed to bidding on the cooker - we won! Well I saw it as a win, he blanched at the sight of the final price!

This didn't solve the problem of getting it home, but I had a plan! My Dad and his family live in Wales which was about 20 miles from my cooker & he agreed to collect and store it for me. It's been in a garage in Wales since early December.

We haven't made the journey to Wales for some years (it's complicated!) and Dad comes to see us once or twice a year but he couldn't bring this enormous and very heavy cooker with him.

After a 6 hour journey we arrived in time for tea, all very tired and frazzled!

We had a nice evening re-aquainting ourselves with various step and half members of the family and a HUGE take away meal.

Anyway I'm smitten with the cooker and we brought it home on Friday. The children were hyped up on fizzy drinks and sweets from their Grandparents and spent the journey pushing, elbowing and generally arguing - no change there then!

So I am now the owner af a new-to-me cooker......which is currently sitting in the middle of the dining room floor. I'm hoping this isn't a repaet of the claw foot bath we bought off ebay a few years graced the garage for approximately 5 years before being brought into the house. It now sits looking gorgeous in our newly built (new as in 7 year old) en-suite bathroom,; of course it only sits there it's not plumbed in, that would be too much to expect!!
The joys of being married to a builder!

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