Sunday, 22 April 2012

Round up of the week

Its been a strange week here in the cricketers house, it started well with my monthly book group meeting on Monday. We meet around 10 times a year to drink wine, eat lovely nibbles and cake and, very occasionally, talk about that months book choice!

This time we were due to discuss the book I chose at the last meeting.....

Unfortunately it had been a hasty choice at the time; I'd wanted to choose an Alan Bennett for some time and got very frustrated with the lack of copies at the local library! After letting everyone know how absolutely useless our library was the group agreed that I could buy copies from ebay and they'd reimburse me. I was very happy to discover they were only £2.50 a copy.

But therein lies my mistake!
A few days later a small envelope arrived, I was intrigued, had I won a competition? (although I hadn't entered any!) On opening the envelope I discovered why the books were so cheap; they were mini books - more of a leaflet really! One of Alan Bennetts short stories!

Book group were very kind and I was very embarrassed! However as we are all busy people the choice of a book that could be read in 1 afternoon didn't go down as badly as I expected, infact it was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone! Someone actually read the whole story in a 2 hour session!

This months choice is....
By the author of Room, a book we read a year ago. I have to say Room didn't excite me very much, it was quite enjoyable but nothing more.
This one I've started and I'm not sure it's going to be very "me".

Number 1 son and Little Miss are back at school but number 2 son has an extra week off, I think it was what could be described as an X-box week.

There was the disruption described in my last post, as yet he's not moved in but the garage/penthouse suite is sparkling clean and devoid of a years rubbish (2 old mattresses, 5 bikes, a tent and various Christmas decorations!), none of the cleaning done by me I hasten to add! I am still holding fast on refusing to accept a lodger but I may backdown in exchange for booking a holiday/a new kitchen/2 new sofas and some beauty treatments - I feel there may be a little negotiation to be done. Anyhow, what do other people keep in their garages? Is it not a 6' 4", athletic, 24 year old South African?

And, the week ended with a meal out (on Tesco vouchers), some of these for the weeks packed lunches

 and lots of this

The first 2 official cricket matches of the season, rained (and hailed) off - so not a completely disastrous week!!

Hope you all had a good one.


  1. Thanks for you kind comment on my blog. Nice to know someone out there is reading my witterings!
    Coincidentally, I'm supposed to be reading The Sealed Letter for one of my book groups this month. I haven't started it yet and I'm not sure I'll get it read in time - the idea of a short story instead is much more appealing!

  2. Hi Jay,
    Your book group sounds like fun! I love your photo of the field in the rain, glad you had some company this weekend with cricket rained off.
    Sarah x

  3. Love Alan Bennet, even if they were mini, must look into this. Our latest is The Paris Wife, which everyone and their reading dog has read.