Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Red White and Blue

I hope you all enjoyed the Jubilee weekend? If you're not into "the Royals" at least we had
a 4 day weekend.
Most of the cricket here was rained off so we did manage to visit a Jubilee Fair nearby. Just me and Little Miss, sporting a union jack face, enjoying a few cakes and ice-cream!
Our village was adorned with some bunting, mostly flapping madly in the wind. It did make everywhere quite pretty and colourful though.
The Builder was also being very patriotic, in the shape of black, or more accurately red, white and blue, eye! He was hit in the face by a cricket ball (not for the first time) and was looking extremely colourful over the weekend!

One of the pubs by the river

Just before the weekend our local primary school took part in the open studios, artists displaying their work all over the county. The children did really well and had quite a few visitors, some from as far away as Cornwall (we live in a holiday area). I had a browse around their work on a very wet afternoon.
Mud faces stuck on the trees!
Colourful hanging art
Project Solar System

The kids are still off school, all 3 go back on Monday so the timing hasn't been great for the whole kitchen to be ripped out! There is mess and dust over every inch of the house, we currently have no cupboards, no sink or worktops and for part of the time no water. On the plus side we do now have a ceiling and lights. I'm secretly enjoying all the takeaways for tea, we are having a balanced diet - we vary the evening meal from fish and chips to Indian to Chinese with the occasional
McDonalds thrown in!!
I will post more photos of the kitchen as it takes shape, there's not much to see as yet and things are not going completely to plan - as usual!

For those who were interested in the baby's nesting by our front door this is an update of the last couple of weeks. They change so quickly. Mum is hardly ever on the nest now, I guess she's off hunting for food a lot! (I know that feeling!)


  1. Oh the mudface - that was my favourite - until I got to the chicks - what cuties. Did they cheep all the time or sleep sometimes?

  2. What a great art event for the children to take part in.
    Glad to see those chicks are doing well.
    Hope the kitchen takes some kind of shape soon, bet the children are loving the takeaways too!
    Lisa x

  3. At least your husband was joining in the celebrations in his own way! I loved the art you went to see and your baby birds are wonderful!
    Look forward to seeing pictures of your new kitchen I'm sure all the dust will have be worth it.
    Sarah x