Sunday, 24 June 2012

Fabulous Fashion Sense

I had a dawning realisation this week, my daughter has inherited
my fabulous sense of style and fashion.

Because why would you not wear leggings which fitted perfectly 2 years ago, with stripey shorts, a flowery top, spotty ankle socks and your school shoes??  Sadly this is just the sort of outfit (minus school shoes) I find myself wearing on a regular basis. I often dress with no mirror and then glance in a shop window and am horrified at what that strange lady is wearing!
My best friend once pushed me into a shop changing room and asked an assistant to not let me out until I tried on everything she flung at me - she wouldn't let me leave until I agreed to buy a new outfit - the same friend also came into my house some years ago and threw my favourite rugby shirt in the dustbin - the fact that it was years old and had faded in many places was no reason not to continue wearing it!

I find myself hopping out of the car at school wearing baggy tracky bottoms and my slippers! In my head I'm a glamorous, middle aged mum of 3 but in reality it seems I'm slightly off the mark!

Our hectic summer schedule usually means I throw orders around at the family and don't always check that everything has been done. And clearly I never check what she's wearing!
 Sometimes we have to pack up the car and head off to a cricket match in some back-of-beyond place in the early hours and won't be retuning home til late. Last weekend we were due to have 5 matches over 2 days. Little Miss was due to play at 9.30 on the Saturday (later cancelled), swiftly followed by number 2 son's school match whilst husband and number 1 son were playing elsewhere (they do tell me where they are playing but they may have well said "on the moon" for all I know!). Sunday saw us heading to another County for number 2 son's schools tournament (which they won) and then stopping on the way home to watch the end of number 1 son's match.
All in all a very hectic weekend where we survived on flasks of coffee, cheese sarnies, crisps and chocolate - yes 3 meals a day of it, for 2 days - well we did have a McDonalds in the middle somewhere so we varied the diet!

Some of the cricket is in lovely settings, last week we were here in Cambridgeshire, another school
There had been a breakdown in communication for this tournament which meant the front gate to the school hadn't been opened - that is the first and probably the last time I will scale a six foot hight fence to get INTO a cricket match!

This weekend saw us here on Saturday

Yes it is another school, looking rather like a palace! The black sky (blacker than it looks on the photo) was as miserable as the loss number 2 son's team faced.

And today we were up at 6am to set off for a match in Sussex, despite the dire forecast and the non stop rain all night we packed to car, woke grumpy children and set off for the 3 and a half hour journey - an hour up the road it was called off!!

Oh well maybe we can get on with some DIY??

Earlier in the week this event occurred....
We now have 2 teenagers in the house - what a scarey thought!
The celebrating had to be scheduled around all his matches and next weekend he has a sleepover party for 5 friends - I will be admitted to the asylum shortly thereafter!!


  1. It's an individual look for sure, good to have your own look!
    Happy birthday wishes to the new teenager.
    Lisa x

  2. Hi Jay
    It's a fact that we wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time! I'm all for comfort not fashion :o) I put on my favourite gardening jeans a few weeks ago and even I had to admit they were ready for the rag bag, so worn that three holes appeared around the pockets - mind you they were only about 15 years old!
    Goodness, TWO teenagers...poor you, sending happy birthday wishes to the latest one though :o)

    Thank you for your lovely comments :o) There is a herd of Muntjac on 'the chase' but in all the years I've only ever seen one. I'll keep on though until I find more ;o)
    You probably whizz past any resturants closing down with furniture for sale on you way to all those cricket matches!
    For some reason I'm not getting your latest posts - just off to see if I can rectify matters.
    Have a great week
    Rose H

    1. Thank you Rose, I think I'm wearing the same outfit 90% of the time! Enjoy your week too

  3. You sound like me, sometimes too busy to take much notice of my appearance! I'm amazed how much of you time is taken up with cricket matches. Hope many of them have successful outcomes.
    Happy Birthday to your son have fun with 2 teenagers in the house!
    Sarah x

    1. Thank you Sarah, 2 teenage boys - oh dear!

  4. at least you can wear what you want in the asylum.

  5. Sounds just like me! I tend to wear whatever's most comfortable :(

  6. Love your daughters outfit, she shows a great sense of verve and confidence and apparently it's all about high-low mix with the unexpected which she has totally captured. I expect to see her in Vogue in just a few years..

    1. Thank you, I can do the high-low mix with a touch of unexpected myself, very well in fact!!