Saturday, 30 June 2012

Salami Races

We had our two younger children taking part in their school's sports days this week, one at primary school near home and one at number 2 son's school about a 45 minute drive away. We like to be there to watch whenever possible so spent the morning watching Little Miss racing around.
We had been a little puzzled before we arrived, she'd told us that her best event was the Salami Race!
Turns out that was the Slalom Race - weaving in and out of cones and other obstacles. I think it will forever be the Salami Race in this house!

Number 2 son's sports day was on a huge scale, it's a very sporty school. And the weather was good too. Following on from the last post I did get out of the car to find I was wearing an old baggy jumper, leggings which I'd done some decorating in and furry boots with a hole in. This is the posh school where all the mums were in flowery dresses and kitten heels!
Oh well he ran fast and came 2nd in one race just behind a runner who represents England. And the bacon rolls were fabulous so we were all happy!

But back to Salami racing.....I love the things kids say when they get the words almost right but not quite. I've kept a note book with little sayings in, as I'm sure we'll forget the words they said which made us howl with laughter at the time.
Little Miss once recounted the songs she'd been learning at nursery - blah, blah, blacksheep & the ranger in the manger, the latter one for Christmas of course! And how, after jumping on the trampoline with a friend they loved it that their hair went ecstatic!
Number 2 son once told me he had sensible skin, it must be sensitive - there's not much about him that's sensible! He also enjoyed the primary school project on Florence Nightgown.
I remember when friends were informed, in a very serious tone,
that the hamsters were alternative (nocturnal).
My favourite of all though is Little Miss's saying (which we've never corrected) - when she means to say "something" it always comes our "some pink" .
And I for one think you can never have too much pink going on!

Just a quick post today as I'm very bleary eyed after around 2 hours sleep! We're hosting a sleepover for six 13 year old boys and despite letting them sleep in the garage - mentioned here, they managed to make enough noise to keep us all awake (apart from the 16 year old who's barely conscious)
They did have a stowaway for part of the time though!


  1. Hi Jay,
    What a great idea recording the children's sayings I can't remember most of mine childrens. Hope you are able to catch up on the sleep you have lost. My son is 22 and runs in his own record company in his spare time.He had a band from Sheffield staying with us last night so was woken at 3, so it still carries on as they get older!
    Sarah x

    1. Hi Sarah, early to bed tonight - all the sleepover boys crashed at lunchtime and had to be carried to parents cars!! Number 2 son has been asleep since then too!

  2. What a fabulous post, made me laugh out loud with all the things the children have said. My T once asked what the sign in the back of a car meant which he read as 'baby on bread'.
    Hope you get some more sleep this weekend!
    Lisa x

    1. He He Lisa, that's a funny one! Baby on bread!!

  3. Hello, and thank you for your comment! I love the title of your blog... I also have a girl and 2 boys and it's all about the rugby this side of the world. My youngest once reduced a huge family gathering to a stunned silence when he rushed past the french doors threatening to tickle his cousin to death with his testicles! Apparently he was pretending to be an octopus, however his uncle has kept a very close eye on him ever since. jusx

    1. Brilliant! Thanks for dropping by - the name of the blog is inspired by one of my favourite childhood books - "my family and other animals" by Gerald Durrell (Jersey Zoo)

  4. Mis-said words are the best. In this house, we wear our japamas to bed, and squirrels will always be known as doodles.