Monday, 2 July 2012

And another thing.....

Following on from the previous post, how could I have forgotten one of my all time favourite sayings?
Number 2 son really loved to sing that bear song....
You know the one?
From the Jungle Book?
Sung by Baloo?

Thats it!
The Bears of Sesame!
We all sing that now - it will never be "Bare Necessities" ever again!


  1. How could you have forgotten that one it's great!
    Sarah x

  2. Love it!

    My little boy told me recently that he had 'electricity' in his back; what he was trying to say was he had an 'itchy' back.

  3. Thrilled that you found my blog and posted a comment. Because it means I founds yours too! I love the title of it, nice thinking!!!
    Am now a follower.
    Gem from Treasures from the Cherry Tree x x x