Tuesday, 24 July 2012

How many swallows does it take to make a summer?

The swallows nesting up in the roof space of our shed have been thriving, despite the heat in the last couple of days - it's very, very hot up in the eaves under a felt roof.
We've gone from this......
This was on June 18th

July 6th

July 10th

July 15th

July 19th

July 23rd

And these two are from today

So I think the answer is... this is how many swallows make a summer!
Can you see all the bird poo on the beam? You can imagine the heap on the floor below!

Hasn't the weather been glorious for the past few days? We managed 4 cricket matches over the weekend and a lot of practice in the garden. I came home from work today to find a lot of extra teenagers in the garden weilding bats, oh well better than spending the day glued
to facebook or the x box.

And by the way, Little Miss's award for the camping this year was "noisiest camper" which she won jointly with a couple of others. Sadly no certificate this year but needless to say we are, once again, very proud!!!


  1. Hi Jay,
    What an amazing record of the swallows from egg to almost fully fledged. It will be wonderful to see them in the sky and wonder if their started their life in your barn!
    Sarah x

  2. What a wonderful record of those cute swallows. Well done to your daughter for being the noisiest! Don't worry, my eldest was the same and now she's very confident at public speaking, which I never was :(

    1. I'm hoping all my kids are more confident than me, I never dared to speak at school, ever! (I make up for it now though, he he)

  3. Those photos are brilliant - I love seeing how they've grown!

  4. Well done to Little Miss! Yikes the swallows are messy, cute, but messy. Fantastic pictures.

  5. Wow, wow, wow, nature is just so amazing. They got to be teenagers overnight. And yes no matter what age, you are always dealing with the poop!

  6. Oh My Goodness, look at those adorable little creatures! Love the 3rd photo with the hungry little mouths open - too cute :-D

    Hope you're enjoying a fabulous weekend of Olympics. You lucky duck getting to see some of it in the flesh. The time difference is quite a pain for us here in Australia, seeing the Heats before bed time and waking up to find out we had won a Medal while we are sleeping :-D


    1. Thank you Mel We had a great time, Little Miss cheered for the Australians all the way through as she still desperately misses the Aussie cricketer who stayed with us for a summer a couple of years ago. It was all amazing!

  7. I'm new to your blog and have had a lovely visit. I look forward to coming back. I remember my Dad playing cricket when I was a child, and my brother-in-law also played and I used to help my sister fix the teas for the team afterwards when it was her turn to make them. Good memories!

    1. Thank you for dropping by Denise - I'm often on cricket tea duty too.

  8. Those bird photos are truly brilliant.How lovely to see them and how fast they grow!!! Loving the beaks open! Cute!
    Glad the Noisiest Camper was won again, you must be so proud!
    x x x xx

  9. oh my gosh....you took really great pictures!! we had birds nests on our rafters on the front porch....so much poo..we could not get it off and the next yr had to put wire up so they would not nest again....too bad really..it was so fun for all of us watching them grow and how the mom took care of them..i wish I had pictures like you!

  10. What great pictures, we had long tail tits in our nesting box for three summers when we lived in Coventry. Since moving here we have put up a box but none this year, I think it did take 2 summers before any birds took up residence!I love all that sun we had too, I want more!
    Thank you for your anniversary good wishes, we are very blessed.
    Chris xx

  11. They are sweet...to answer your question, no we do not see bears often there is always the chance and I have had bear scat in the yard before but you have to really seek them out except when the fish are running in the river.....then your odds are good of seeing one!
    it sounds scary but none of us worry about them up here, in fact moose are more deadly!

  12. The Swallows are so adorable I love the picture of them with the beaks wide open you are so lucky to be able to watch them grow. Keep us updated please :) you have such a wonderful blog like you we are new and it will only flourish. Tracy x