Saturday, 7 July 2012

Wildlife In And Out Of The House!

Another busy week at this house as we near the end of the school term. I can't wait for the school holidays, I'll be working reduced hours for the 6-7 weeks the kids are home and the school cricket will of course stop, thank goodness!

It seems that as I try to cram some more information into my brain (rearranged fixtures/cup final matches/gymnastic schedules/sixth form entry proceedures etc etc) some of the stuff that was in my brain falls out. I think it stands to reason that as you push more info in, some of the other stuff falls out - that's normal isn't it?

Number 1 son has had his 2 induction days at sixth form college; he then pointed out to me that he was exhausted "you don't know what it's like, I've been at a desk all day trying to take in a lot of information"  (Thats 2 days out of the last 14) Oh no, I have no idea!! I of course have short days, doing nothing but lay around watching tv!
 Of course the "day " in question was 9am til 3pm!! Well, you would be exhausted, wouldn't you?

Number 2 son had his usual week at school, cricket, more cricket and then a little extra cricket!

But onto the wildlife. I staggered out of bed last Sunday, very bleary eyed and not quite awake to be hit by this

not sure who jumped most, the bird or me!

I somehow managed to chase him around the house and up stairs where he left through the bathroom window! He'd obviously been inside all night and we haven't yet found any bird poop!!

Outside there have been plenty of birds on the feeder, lots of bullfinches which are so pretty.
I'm sorry it's a really poor photo, I've been trying hard to get a picture when there are 3 or 4 birds on there together but they're not very brave and disappear as soon as they see movement at the window. Underneath the bird feeder we've had a little more wildlife in the shape of this little chap
and his family -so cute! You'll have to look closely I'm afraid.

And finally, before I dash of to organise this weekends "whites" and associated maps/picnics/flasks of coffee//bats/balls/tank of fuel, here are our new babies!
I discovered a swallows nest in the eaves of our shed a little while ago

Then we had a clutch of eggs
Not the easiest to photograph, I'll be brushing the cobwebs out of my hair later!

And in the last few days the babies arrived and mum & dad are very busy swooping in and out of the shed (we never shut the door, in the hope that someone will steal all the junk!)

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. Hi Jay,
    I'm surprised your cricket hasn't been rained off!
    I'm glad the bird took refuge in your house rather than mine. I have a fear of flapping birds wings and my children find me so embarrassing when I come across the pigeons in town!
    Those are such great shots of the eggs and the new arrivals.
    Sarah x

    1. Quite a lot of cricket has been rained off, some when we're half way to the venue loaded down with flasks of coffee and sandwiches! I'll be keeping my eye (& camera) on the birds.

  2. Hello Jay,
    When I read No 2 son was exhausted I laughed!
    I love to watch the birds, but I'm afraid I freak if we get one in, last time daughter was still at home and she had to catch it while I hid!
    Your field/wood mouse is cute - we have a family of them in a small drystone wall by the bird feeder too - I love to watch them, and the babies are gorgeous :o)
    There are no swifts around here, but plenty of house martins. None have ever chosen our house to nest, but after seeing the yard below my neighbours nest I don't mind too much!
    Aren't nests the most amazing things? Each species bird building a differing one - amazing. Hope you have a dry weekend, fingers crossed.
    Rose H

    1. Hi Rose, yes the nests are amazing we seem to have had quite a few this year, very interesting for the kids (and us!)

  3. Those 9-3 days can be so exhausting don't you know!! Bless him!
    More birds making your home theirs too. What a shock to have discovered the one indoors though.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Lisa x

  4. You have a lovely weekend with your new feathered friends!

    Thanks for your helpful comment!

  5. Thank god he didn't poop everywhere! I have a field/doormouse living in my garden shed, he's been in there a couple of years.

    1. He may have pooped everywhere.... I just haven't found it yet! :-(

  6. What a beautiful swallow's nest, they are amazing birds aren't they, travelling so far each year.

  7. Two days sixth form induction, daughter did one and was exhausted! The bullfinches are very pretty, all we seem to have at the moment are blackbirds. We had an old outboard engine stolen from the shed last year, they did us a favour as it was waiting to go to the tip! The ironic thing was I had left the back door wide open and my mobile and laptop were there for the taking, but they preferred our junk.

  8. Hi Jay, thanks for commenting on my blog! I am a bit late though, but better late than never.
    What a lovely swallows nest, it must have been so special to be able to follow the process.

    Have a good Sunday :D

  9. I have found birds in the house a couple of times and each time it freaked me out! But that nest, how lovely.

  10. When I was younger before the days of double glazing I had a very large window in my bedroom and on more than one occasion we had a bird fly straight through! Gave us quite a shock!!

    There were also those that managed to fly down the chimney - they're a bugger to get out the house too!!

    Victoria xx