Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A bit of everything

Last week contained a little bit of everything, quite a lot of cricket obviously, but quite a lot rained off too. Some of number 2 son's matches were shortened to enable some play and he had his best score ever for the school team, 72 not out.

On Wednesday we all met up in Norwich to watch the Olympic Torch arrive; well I say watch, we stood there for hours and then due to the crowds actually saw nothing!! Lack of organisation on our part really, we didn't bother to find out which direction it was coming from. Anyway it was a fun evening and we watched some of the entertainment in Chapelfield Gardens in the city centre.

And these are the pictures of the torch arriving taken by Little Miss, sitting on Daddy's shoulders - she was the only one who could see anything!

Can you see the torch? No? Little Miss obviously couldn't see it either! And she told me she'd got some good pictures!

We did meet these guys on the way back to the carpark, they gave us a bit of a fright as we turned a corner.

We also went to a party, just Little Miss and I as the boys were at cricket (for a change!). Strangely the party was at an animal park, lots of fun for the kids though. Not so keen on the smells and flies, rather put me off the buffet!! Not to sure the pigs liked the look of the hog roast either!

And then to round off the week this happened...
Can you believe that we've had two feathery friends in the house in one week? This one, a baby starling I think, arrived via the chimney and woodburning stove! I think it's supposed to be unlucky but I think he's quite cute.

When the cricket was rained off on Sunday we decided to brave the beach, we only ever make it to the beach as a family in winter - and this was a very wintery July day!

Can you see the colourful "mushroom" houses over the dunes? We were in Winterton and these little holiday cottages always fascinate me.

They do however have a lovely beach cafe, luckily for us it was open and
 we weren't their only visitors.
A cappucchino and a homemade date slice, that cheered me up!


  1. It sounds like a fun-filled week. We've had baby birds come down the chimney, then there is that mad fluttering round with me yelling, 'someone grab the cat, while I let it out!'

  2. Thanks for stopping by....it looks like this was a lot of fun.....your daughter is a adorable!

  3. I love those huts at Winterton! We were at the Forum to see the torch - nearly got run into by the BBC news report Mike Liggins! We tried to get into Chapelfield, but there was such a queue!

  4. We have the torch arriving in our area tomorrow at least Little Miss captured the atmosphere!
    I love those holiday cottages and the lighthouse, hopefully it will be warmer next time you go to the sea!
    Sarah x

  5. A visit to the beach is welcome anytime of the year when it looks so pretty and there is a good cafe!
    Well done to your son on his score.
    The torch is with us this weekend, I wonder if we'll get to see it.
    Lisa x

  6. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I've come to yours to reciprocate! Great photos of the beach - the little cottages look interesting. Congrats to your son on his score! LOve the photo with the starling. Have become a follower too!