Friday, 20 July 2012

It's a Mystery

I wasn't sure whether to write this post at all, I hope you'll read it as it was intended, it made me smile at the time and it's written without any predjudice.

Slightly strange things happen to me all the time, which my friends find highly amusing!

Occasionally I work as a mystery shopper, I get paid to go into a shop and assess the service and the layout of the shop. I say get paid, it's very little actually but it means I get a few hours in the city (Norwich usually) and it covers the carpark and a Costa coffee.

Well I had to do one during the last week, I acted out the scenario by asking for advice and help from the assistant behind the till. Part of the assesment involved checking that the staff were wearing the correct uniform; store t-shirt, black trousers with black shoes and belt.

He was a very nice and extremely helpful young man. He had neatly tied back long hair and really knew his stuff. When I asked for help he even took me over to the display of items I asked about to talk me through them.

When he stepped from behind the counter I checked the uniform; he was wearing the t-shirt with store logo, a black mini skirt, sheer tights and kitten heels!!

I just had to smile!!


  1. Lol, unconventional, but if he was doing his job well and looked neat, why not?

  2. Exactly! Just suprised me a little!

  3. Sounds like an ideal combo to me!
    I have Toyah Wilcox singing in my head now after reading the title of your post!
    Lisa x

  4. Lisa, that's what I was thinking of when I wrote it, we must be a similar age!

  5. Hi Jay, thanks for popping over to me and for your lovely comment. Love your blog, just had a quick look but will look properly later ... Funny things happen to me all the time too ... I'm sure people think I make them up! As for starlings ... last Halloween I opened the airing cupboard for a towel at 6.30 in the morning ... bleary eyed and half-witted ... And two starlings flew in my face! I nearly dropped dead on the spot, but it could have been bats, given the date! Have a lovely Sunday, Claire xxx

  6. Interesting! I think I'd have done a double take. But big thumbs up to the company for not having prejudices.

  7. What a dag! The company obviously allows a lot of expression - good on them!

  8. Hang on... I'm lost! Was it a blokey girl or a girly bloke? I'm really hoping it was a girly bloke and I hope you mentioned that opaque tights are really the best way to go with a mini? jusx

    1. I'm fairly sure it was a man, but the mini skirt threw me a little! I think he needed advice in the shoe department, a kitten heel is so 2010!!