Monday, 11 June 2012

Sailing by

We had our usual busy weekend here, fitting in what we could before everyone went back to school today. Getting everything ready for school was a bit of a trial - the house has literally been turned upside down since the building work began! I have no idea where anything is and the builder seems to have started a job in everyroom downstairs. I had a friend round for coffee on Friday and she had to sit upstairs on the bed - good job she knows me well!

Anyway there was, unsuprisingly, a bit of this
In a beautiful setting up near the Norfolk coast - the posh bit!
The picture is actually taken at a school.
A great day and number 2 son's team won, but we left having almost frozen to the spot! Number 1 son was playing a match elsewhere with husband (the builder) but unfortunately they lost. I don't like being in 2 different locations as I'm expected to provide a blow-by-blow description of the game over the 'phone. This usually results in lots of umming and aaring from me trying to describe things like the bowlers pace (?) I say things like "well it looks fast to me - oh apparently he's a slow bowler!" "Yes I think he's a spinner, oh apparently he's their fast bowler"  I have watched my husband play cricket since I was 14 and now I watch my children play, I am, however, still clueless!

We also managed to see the start of the Three Rivers Race. I've heard lots about it and it's a big event in this area, but I've never actually seen it. Lucky for us (but not for the racers) there was a much delayed start due to high wind so we were passing through at the start time, around 5pm.
Although we live very close to the river (the Norfolk Broads) we not a "boaty" family but the sailing boats were a spectacular sight racing up the river.
It's not the widest river in parts and at this time of year it's full of holiday makers
 in cruisers or day boats.
It's a 50 mile course and I think many finished the following day, there's much more information, if you're interested, on the link above.

I hope you all had a good weekend, despite the lack of sunshine!


  1. Wow - that's a school? It looks fantastic. Your family is very adventurous, is there a lot of bumping into each other on those Broads? The yachts look really close to each other!

    1. It's an amazing (and very expensive!) school - we just went for the cricket. And yes I think there are a few bumps on the broads particularly with the stag and hen weekends and their obligatory pirate hats!!

  2. Glad that the weather was good for you for a time, though sounds like you mat have needed some thermals!
    Lisa x

  3. I'm glad you had some sunshine so some cricket was played over the weekend! The number of matches cancelled must be quite a few now! I love your pictures of the boats on the Broads. We stayed in a cottage close by many years ago and thought it was a lovely part of the country.
    Sarah x