Friday, 15 June 2012

Kitchen Progress

Things have moved along nicely in the kitchen, still not finished but we're certainly on the home stretch. I think it's looking ok, it is what I asked for -
as the builder keeps reminding me!
I described the slow progress of our house in this post.
It was once finished but didn't really suit our growing family.
The original kitchen was beautifully handmade and incredibly cheap, however it wasn't really practical. We had pretty display cupboards but very little storage. It has, over the years, been mistreated. Doors have been swung on, drawers have been slammed shut - 1 to the point of us having to crowbar it open again. So, after serving us well for nearly 20 years it has been ripped out and the bright tiles removed, I wanted a calmer working space with plenty of storage for the hungry hoards that seem to inhabit the house.
This is our kitchen in 1999

 it was very bright and cheery!

This is where we're at just now  

It's a completely different look for me, I'm going to try to keep it clutter-free! I am looking forward to the accessory bit (maybe not keeping the Christmas oven gloves all year round!)
The window needs to be painted and the worktop oiled to get it to a lovely dark brown,
this is after 1 coat.

We also need a windowsill
The only bit I'm not sure about is not on a picture - it's a tall larder cupboard to the right of the cooker in the grey/green colour of the base units. It sticks out into the room quite a bit. I'd ideally have that side clear of all cupboards as the kitchen is long and thin-ish - but we have a wall hung boiler to cover up. And maybe I should have ordered it in cream...??
I'm really happy with the bargain tap, found on ebay after inspiration from Dan here

I'll be spending the weekend cleaning and painting by the looks of it! The carpenter comes back Monday and I hope we'll see the electrician soon too. At the moment we have 1 socket and no dishwasher!
Anyway by the end of next week the food will be off the dining room floor and into cupboards, I hope. So thats one room down, 4 to go.

We should be going to a concert in the forest tonight - the builder and I do not share similar tastes in music so it's a miracle he agreed to come with me. Apparently there's a torrential downpour forecast so that'll be me in an anorak bopping around!
We should have 2 games of cricket Saturday and 2 on Sunday but
(if I keep everything crossed) they'll be rained off!
I know I shouldn't say such things but no one in this house knows I've started this blog so please don't tell them I said that!


  1. Your secret is safe with me!
    I love the new units, they look very stylish. Good luck with keeping it all tidy!
    Hope you have a good bop tonight and there isn't too much rain.
    Lisa x

  2. It's going to look fab when it's finished. I love the colour of the units, very calming!

  3. Looks gorgeous and fresh with all the white and pale woods - what a difference. Your bottle green Aga seems very happy and settled. Loving that wood beam with the brick above the oven, great details.

  4. It's looking fab! I love the colour of the lower units; and well done on scoring the bargain tap!

  5. Oh my goodness - FABULOUS Jay! I'm green with envy about the Aga, but my kitchen floor wouldn't stand the weight.
    It all looks very serene, and I'm sure it'll be a delight to work in.
    Rose H

  6. Wow your new kitchen looks fantastic all that dust and waiting looks worth it!
    Sarah x