Friday, 8 June 2012

And then there was one....

Just a quick update on the baby situation....

We looked yesterday to find this.....
                                                       empty nest!                                 
Then the builder found 1 little baby on the floor, hiding in the plants
He carefully lifted him back into the nest hoping that mum would come back. We wondered if he was the egg still in the nest after the others had hatched. The other babies can fly but he just flaps and squeaks (so like a toddler!)

Well mum did come back but wanted him on the ground, where she took them all for a little walk!
Sadly they all flew off and left him grounded....

He's crouching and shivering by the garage door, in a torrential downpour!

I managed to scoop him up and made a shelter for him 
(I'm afraid the pictures not great)                                                                          
So we all hope that mum will come back soon,
 he won't survive long without her in this "autumn" weather!
Watch this space!


  1. Fly away little bird before the neighbourhood cats get you!

  2. I hope his mum does come back for him, bless him!
    Lisa x

  3. A ah poor thing I'll keep me fingers crossed it survives. The weather is just like Autumn.
    Sarah x

  4. Oh, I hate when things like this happen! But good for you for trying to save him! We've tried to save baby birds in danger for years. I used to tell my daughter she had some kind of injured animal radar, as she was forever bringing home some poor wounded creature. Good luck!