Thursday, 10 January 2013

The Seal Colony

Last weekend we eventually made it to the coast to see the baby seals, first time for me and the builder but not for the kids. There are many grey seals on the North Norfolk Coast but we wanted to see the breeding colony at Horsey where, around Christmas and New Year, seals come ashore to give birth. Apparently the colony has grown considerably in the last few years.

We have often been to the beach in the summer and seen a couple of seals pop their heads up above the water - usually scaring bathers and swimming dogs!

I'd seen many postings from friends on Facebook so off we went on Sunday afternoon, a little later than we intended and only the three of us (boys not interested in fresh air, apparently!) It was a much easier trip without the boys I have to say.

Horsey is around 30 minutes away and we parked on the roadside as apparently it was very busy further on and police were moving cars on. There were hundreds of seal watchers on the beach we were told.

We had a long walk along the beach and it was a bit "fresh"! But it was worth the walk, lots of mums and their pups on the beach and a few dads still in the water popping their heads up from time to time.

It was a lovely sight to see and I'm so glad it wasn't yet another year we missed them. We were on the beach too long though and the mist rolled in, I'm glad the builder took note of which steps we'd come down from the car (identified by which graffiti we passed)
 or else we'd probably still be there! That mist was thick!
the groynes on the beach and in the sea vanished in the mist - a pea-souper!


  1. I've been meaning to go, must do it soon but preferably on a weekday so it'll be quieter.

  2. The only time I have ever seen seals were at a zoo several years ago. I think I'd have to travel far to get anywhere close to them in their natural habitat. It must have been a great experience to be so close to them. Wish I was there!

  3. That's amazing seeing the baby seals so close in their natural habitat, the boys missed out! I have seen more seals on our visits to Cornwall than here in Dorset.
    Sarah x

  4. Love seeing these piccies - there is something both prehistoric and kittenish about these creatures - and that weather looks fresh alright!

  5. What an amazing experience to see them and be so close!
    Lisa x

  6. What an amazing experience for you all - deeply envious!

  7. This is one of the nicest posts I've ever seen! Just had a good look round your blog. Glad you learned to upload pics because they're all great. I loved the round up of your year and I am a cricket fan too. You look far too young to have those children X

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments - I'm still very much a novice blogger. And yes it is indeed a miracle that I have a 17 year old and yet am only 21 myself!! ;-)