Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A temporary new team member!

We've had loads of snow here in Norfolk, much to everyone's delight! 4 or 5 days off school depending on which school you go to, sadly someone I still had to get up at 6.30am to check the school closure website, and keep refreshing it until 7.30am when the primary school eventually announced it's closure. I did go back to bed though, it was like Christmas all over again. Snuggly days with the fire lit and not leaving the house.

Number 2 son wasn't too happy when his school closed on Monday and then announced it would be sending a day's worth of work out by email to all students by 10am! Strangely enough their internet connection went down at 9.50am and could not be restored all day..... I'm picturing a small person with some wire cutters, aren't you??

We went for a couple of walks, one during the day with a load of kids (looking like the pied piper) and then a quick walk to the pub one evening for me & the builder. We only ever go to the pub (and hardly ever our local one) in the summer after a cricket match and even then it's quite rare. It took us about half an hour to get there and we sat in front of a log fire with mugs of coffee then walked home - we are such party animals!

I thought I'd include a few pics of the daytime walk, I know I've seen hundreds of snowy blogs this week but everyone has the prettiest pictures and the snow won't last for long.

The same view of the church as in this spring post


fabulous icicles hanging from a thatched roof

pretty cottage in the village
some of the river surface frozen - not a great day for a boating holiday!
And finally the latest member of the family cricket team, sadly I don't think he'll stay around for the start of the season!
I like the idea of heading to the crease with a bottle in one hand and a bat in the other, well maybe I could do with out the bat.... and heading to the crease!


  1. enjoy the snow!! we are wishing for it since it is so cold!

  2. Loved the geese pic and wow you had a lot of snow. Looked back and loved your spa break post, it sounded absolute heaven.

  3. It looks as if you and your family have had fun in the snow! I love the snow cricketer and those geese I wander where they were heading!
    Sarah x

  4. Hasn't the snow here been great! Sounds like you've made a good time of it. The Snow Cricketer is brilliant!

  5. The snow looks like deep icing in your photos, love the geese.
    That cottage is really pretty.
    Hope you all had fun and are warm and toasty!
    Lisa x

  6. Love the geese and snowman - I love snowy pics xo

  7. What great pictures, those poor geese. Love the icicles too.
    Stay safe and warm Jay.
    Rose H

  8. Lovely pics, Jay!! Totally love the idea of the small person with wire cutters!! :D

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog at PoppyCottage48 and giving me the chance to discover yours!
    Love the snow pictures, especially the geese!
    Angie x

  10. Lovely pics - I don;t know about you, but after a couple of days, the novelty wore off for me!

  11. Those photos are GREAT! Wire cutters? I'll bet ;)

  12. Wow, lots of snow. We haven't had any at all. Did laugh about the school website going down - bet there were a lot of happy kids that day!

  13. Jay, I'm loving all of the snowy pics I've been seeing from the northern hemisphere. These are great. I'm quite envious. Love the geese :-) Mel x

  14. I never tire of these snowy pictures - it's still not a regular enough occurrence for me to get really bored of it.

    Your description of the snow days made me smile - how funny that the school's internet connection went down! Our school texts all parents with school closure information, it's so much easier than having to listen to the radio or check the internet, especially when I am still half asleep!

    Gillian x

  15. I love your photo of the geese in the snow.