Sunday, 13 January 2013

A birthday weekend

Today our youngest turned 10, another milestone as she leaves single figures.

Last night she had her best friend over for the evening, sadly he has decided not to attend her beauty pamper party on Monday as he's not too keen on pink hair extensions and red nails!
So they made pizzas together and played games.

But today didn't start too well unfortunately, we heard crying coming from her room at 7am - it's a little bit of a tradition in our house to wake the birthday person by sneaking into their bedroom and loudly singing a very out of tune "Happy Birthday to you"; and as we hadn't done this she thought we'd forgotten it was today! Of course she had been the first awake!

We took her downstairs and had snuggles in front of the fire and a special breakfast while we waitied for the boys to stir.....

Girl after my own heart!

Then at a more teenager friendly time (10am) she went back to bed and pretended to be asleep so we could wake her with a song! She pretended to be asleep and all was well in the end! Apart from the tuneless "happy birthday" of course!
After lots of present opening, and a few suprises, particularly the friends who popped in with a card to find us all in dressing gowns at 11.30am - not sure who was most embarrassed -
we went out for birthday lunch/tea.
It had to be early afternoon so as not to interfere with the cricket training tonight - blooming cricket gets everywhere!
We ate at our regular birthday treat restaurant in Norwich - Mambo Jambo's. Mainly because
 Little Miss loves the barbecue ribs! It is lovely and they make a fuss of birthday people.Playing Happy Birthday over the speaker system a la Catherine Tate!
 I think for the next birthday we may have a change of venue though as now we're 4 adult meals and 1 childs it's getting expensive!

So now we just need to get ready for the pamper party tomorrow after school - 5 girls for hair and nail paints please. (and I may just be the 6th guest as that's right up my street!)
Hope you've all had a good weekend and haven't been snowed on too much - we've had none here as yet. I'm away with a friend on Tuesday so don't mind getting snowed in
when I get there but not before!


  1. Happy Birthday Little Miss! That dessert with the sparkler in looks good.
    And wait, is that a photo of our blogger I spy? Good to be able to put (half) a face to the name at last!

  2. Ah bless her thinking you'd forgotten. Looks like she cheered up later in the day though.

  3. Happy 10th Birthday to Little Miss! A pamper party sounds really fun, I hope you have a great time and that the girls let you join them tonight. Have a fun trip tomorrow, whatever you and your friend are up to!

  4. Lovely post... belated happy birthday!!
    Hope you had a great festive break?
    Take care, jusx

  5. How lovely that she's still at an age when she can have a boy for a best friend! It looks like a wonderful birthday!