Saturday, 5 January 2013

2012 in review

Happy New Year!

Thank you for the help uploading the photos Roshni!

I started writing this blog in March 2012 after years of reading other peoples. I am very computer illiterate and have no clue how other bloggers arrange their photos so beautifully!
 I only have a point & shoot camera with a few settings but I'm getting the hang
of taking more pictures. Not really getting the hang of uploading them in an arty way though!
 It's been more fun than I imagined back in Spring & I've loved "meeting" so many new friends from all over the world, and quite a few from Norfolk!
 January saw Little Miss turn 9 and we welcomed 2 new members
into our family, Bubbles and Poppet!

February brought us some snow and saw us charging around the diy stores looking for an extra sledge. Sledging down to the hill to the river was compulsory! One or 2 went to fast and ended up in the water, thankfully not one of us.

March saw Number 1 son turn 16 and quickly head into a very difficult few months as his GCSE exams got into full swing.

April saw us attend our friends Easter Egg hunt which I blogged about here. The same people we visited on Christmas Eve.  Always fun and ever so slightly strange! Cricket also began to get into it's Summer stride and the pace of life went up a notch.

May brought us a visit from my Gran, a very active and fun lady at 92! We had a week of days out and cream tea's. She was over the moon to be here to see Little Miss take part in a gymnastics competition, and win 1st prize.

Number 2 son had his 13th birthday in June, we had a sleepover for 6 boys in the "penthouse" garage. No one slept at all and most were carried to their parent's cars lunchtime the next day, unconcious. I did clarify that they were all very tired and had not been at my medicinal sherry!

By July we were in the middle of full-on cricket for all age groups (over 50's right down to under 9's) I managed to avoid the ladies club match. Have I mentioned that I hate cricket??!
Feeding the ducks when the boys were on the pitch
 But Little Miss & I did manage a little fruit picking and jam making - in my spare time of course!

In August Little Miss and I made it at the last minute onto the cricket club boat trip and had a super evening sailing the Norfolk Broads. We also went to London twice for the Olympics, a brilliant few days we'll never forget

Number 2 son had a week in Spain with friends and came home a lovely shade of gold - lucky boy.

Then into September and lots more cricket, due to the wet weather there was such a backlog of matches every waking minute seemed to find up at another pitch, sheltering in another pavillion and making more picnics. At the start of the season picnics are very organised and civilised - deckchairs flasks of coffee & hot choc. Homemade salads, sausage rolls & cakes fill the various cool boxes. By September it has turned to chaos and we grab a pork pie at the nearest service station on the way to the match, chuck a blanket in the boot of the car and get fish and chips on the way home!

my view of the pitch from the car! - the usual cricket season weather.
In October the boys started their County Cricket trials to try to gain a place in the Norfolk squad. Number 2 son hoping to keep his place and Number 1 son hoping against the odds to get into a very strong existing squad. We also went on holiday, hoping for the first time to have an uneventful trip. In Cuba we met Hurricane Sandy and had the most eventful holiday ever!
Eventful not least due to the gherkin incident! His brother offered him £5 to eat the pickled green thing on the side of his plate - never let it be said he was beaten by a small green thing!
November saw another flurry of work on the house and at last we started to move into the extension which had been started in 2005!

And then December, a mad rush of school parents evenings, plays, carol concerts, musical interludes, book group Christmas dinners and then Christmas itself.

Most of the events above I've blogged about already and some I haven't. No doubt 2013 will be more of the same, especially the cricket!

I'm looking forward to meeting more of you in 2013, I so enjoy reading about what everyone is up to in their own corners of the world.
See you soon. x


  1. Wow!!!!! What a year!!!! And what a beautiful family!!!
    My favorite picture is the one with your dear gran and the children.....the best!!!!
    Happy New Year to you ! So glad you have joined us has been one of the delights of my life to meet new friends this way!!!

  2. Well that was an eventful year!
    How fab to look back and see all the things you got up to.
    Hope this year is full of lots more events for making happy family memories.
    Now which one are you in the bottom photo?!
    Lisa x

    1. I'm the blurry one Lisa! Left hand side, middle one of the 3, scarf thingy around my neck. The waitress took some pics of us all, she cut me off the 2 at the table and the other 2 are blurry!

  3. I enjoyed your review of the year, it bought back memories of reading your posts throughout the year. Sarah x

  4. Gosh what a busy year you have had and your family are going from strength to strength (well done with the gherkin eating!). Wish I could help with the photos - I too have a 'pocket' camera that I use only two settings - 'sensitive' vision and macro zoom. I might start to read instructions in 2013.....and save up for a better camera~!
    Best wishes to your and yours for 2013

  5. It sounds very busy in your neck of the woods!

  6. You've had quite the busy year, Jay :) it's been fun following you, and I'm looking forward to reading your posts through 2013! Thank you also for dropping by my blog when you have, your comments have been a joy to read. Don't worry about the placing of the photos, you'll get the hang of it eventually. Happy New Year!