Monday, 7 January 2013

Coffee and cake with a friend, that's what the note said.

I received a perfect Christmas gift from my Sister in Law. Money is rather tight for all of us and we agreed not to spend too much for Christmas 2012, but through the post about
 a week before Christmas I received this....
And anyone who knows me well would realise that there is no gift better suited for me, I will do almost anything to go out for coffee & cake with a friend!
 The voucher is for the Assembly House in Norwich, a place I last visited when I was about 15 (roughly 4 years ago!!) to take a course in make-up & how to generally turn myself into a lady
 - so that was clearly a waste of money! 
My addiction to coffee shops and tea rooms means that you will often find me in them alone sneaking a quick scone and cappuccino whilst the family think I'm  a) at work or b) at Tesco's (the 2 places I while away most of my time)
Why did I not know that The Assembly House was gorgeous and oh so posh?
Sorry this is a bit dark but you can see the very high ceiling and fabulous chandeliers
And what better friend to take than the only one who had an extra day off school?
meet Snowy, apparently my new grandchild, from build a bear!


  1. That is such a lovely gift - I have never been to the assembly rooms - it looks lovely.

  2. Lovely gift and memory in the making! xxx

  3. What a great gift. Haven't been there either.

  4. What a lovely gift and how nice to share the experience with your daughter. I love the new bear!
    Sarah x

  5. What a very sweet, thoughtful gift Jay, and such a sweetie to share your treat with in glorious surroundings!

    Thank you so much for your kind comments, you cannot know how much I've appreciated them. It's been hard for me to post about such personal things, as I don't normally 'share' such things. I realise that there are others who have to cope with much worse things in the family, it's seemed worse as I was under the weather. Things seem to have calmed down a little now, and hopefully, once I get support for Mom will get even better.
    Thank you again Jay,
    Rose H

  6. What a lovely treat! I love spending time with my daughter too - you look as though you're having a great time!

  7. Looks like you had a good time. What a lovely place for a girly treat. xx

  8. What a really thoughtful present and how lovely to share it with your daughter and the bear!
    Lovely photo of you all too.
    Lisa x

  9. What a lovely idea for a present. Looks like a great tea room too. :)