Thursday, 5 June 2014


I'm just dropping in to say "Hi" and to let you know I'm still here but life has become slightly more hectic than usual - not all cricket related but a long story in itself!
 I'm very behind on reading other peoples posts too, I apologise if I comment on your blog in what appears to be another language but I only seem to get chance to read blogs when I'm out and about - invariably waiting for one child or another in a carpark somewhere in Norfolk!
Anyway I read on my small mobile phone and comment as best I can without being able to see the screen very well!! Sometimes I read them back at a later date and realise that the combination of my eyes becoming long sighted and the predictive text means that I often don't make sense
(actually my friends would probably say I make little sense in real life too!)
What I dropped in to ask was if anyone knows where my blog photos keep disappearing to. If you scroll down you'll see something like a no-entry sign where a photo used to be.
I noticed this a while ago and edited the posts to re-add the photos, however they're disappearing again. Does anyone know why, and can explain what to do to a computer illiterate, long sighted, over weight blogger (over weight not being relevant I guess!?)
Thank you, any help would be appreciated!


  1. Hi Jay....
    Do you use Picasa web albums?
    If you delete photos from there...they disappear from your blog...did you delete some recently?
    The same thing happened to me a while back.....very annoying!
    Hope you figure it out!
    Linda :o)

    1. Thank you Linda, I haven't intentionally deleted any from Picasa (I only use it occasionally) but when I went there to re-add them they'd gone! That's probably something to do with it although I don't really understand where they went!

  2. Gosh I have no idea, I wish you luck finding out what is going on.

  3. I'm hopeless at the technical stuff, the only suggestions I have are 1) Have you filled your free quota of photos - which doesn't sound likely if you can re-add them, or 2) Have you put a filter on which is screening them out - this happened to me, and it took me several weeks to work it out! That doesn't sound particularly likely either if it's only on your blog. Sorry not to be of more help.

  4. I'm really not sure what's going on Jay. Hope you find out soon though as it would frustrate me too x

  5. I can't help with the photos, but predictive text is absolutely infuriating!! There must be an 'off' button for that somewhere (I hope).

  6. Eep, I also have no idea. Maybe it depends which site you are using to upload your photos!? Or do you do it through blogger. It may be worth asking a blog/web designer and paying them a little fee to sort it out. Or do some searching on google? Hope things calm down for you soon :)

  7. You make perfect sense to me Jay! I don't use predictive text because a) I don't know how to switch it on and b) I am not sure if it does two languages. I have no advice with regards to the photos, but otherwise (life and all), hang on in there, life gets in the way of writing blog posts and commenting on other blogs sometimes. It is the same for all of us! Right, better unpack the shopping, ice lollies must be juice by now. Have a great weekend. x

  8. I've left many a blog comment that has made me cringe when I've gone back to read it at a later date. You are not alone. :-)

    As for the pictures, I don't have an answer, but someone out there on the Internet probably does. Just Google a question like "why do my pictures on Blogger keep disappearing" and I'm sure the answer will pop up. Good luck!

  9. I don't know. I think Linda made a good suggestion above. I upload my photos directly from where they're saved on my computer and I haven't had that problem. I hope you can get it figured out soon. :)

  10. Hope things calm down for you soon, especially as the exams will soon be over now. Sorry I can't help with the photos, though I've seen a few blogs with the same no entry sign where the photos should be so I wonder if it's a problem with Blogger at the moment. Have you tried their help site, though it hasn't been much help when I've had problems previously.

  11. Oh no, how annoying - but sorry, can't help :-(
    Have a happy weekend though!

  12. I think it may be storage space allowance ? Not sure I'm no help !

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