Saturday, 28 June 2014

A ps to the last post, and other news

Would you believe that only 20 minutes after I pressed publish on the last post about our visitors we discovered this.......

It's hard to see I know, the little blighters were fast! But it appears we have a wasps nest in the attic, an inaccessible part of the attic too! They had nibbled a tiny hole through the plasterboard which, after we poked it to see what the noise was, became a larger hole. Right outside our bedroom door!
The Builder has filled the hole so we are safe, for the moment.
We now have to decide what to do next.
Pest control will be needed, for this and our other furry friends, but we'll probably have to take the ceiling down, and, given past experiences it's unlikely to be put back up very quickly - especially as it's the cricket season!
Also with the birds coming down the chimney, lots of people suggested a cowl on the top. Obviously we need to do this but it's so strange that after living here for 20 years it's only last summer and this one that we've had any problems - very odd!
In other news we had a birthday boy a week ago; Number 2 son turned 15. The birthday was on a Saturday so it was cricket for all. Sadly all 3 men were playing in different parts of the county so we didn't all get together until 9pm. Such a shame and I feel that he has so much less fuss made of him than the other two, but I do know that the only thing he wants to do, 7 days a week if possible, is play cricket. For gifts we struggled as he has everything he wants/needs (cricket kit) so he got his second  two favourite things in life (which we always live to regret)
 flavours for his Soda Stream (unlimited fizzy)
and a bucket of sweets (unlimited sugar)
I wrote a post about Number 2 Son a while back, a post I often look up and read again.
He can be a difficult little chap (no longer little though). And he has me raging, crying, shouting and every reaction in between on many an occasion so he doesn't make for an easy life. However he is apparently a little darling with everyone outside of the home so it's not all bad. He's away this weekend on a school mini cricket tour to Bath and Reading (quite a journey from here), he packed his own bag as he's not speaking to either myself or The Builder - we're not really sure why. He'll no doubt be on tour without a toothbrush, shoes or pants!
And Number 1 son had his Sixth Form leaving dinner on Thursday evening after which he was going straight to Gatwick airport with friends for a week in Kavos (yes I know, I know!) 
He organised most of the things he needed about an hour before he left and until I enquired about what he was taking, he'd packed 1 pair of shorts and 1 pair of swimming trunks -
"will I need more than that" he said!
He'd also booked the transfer taxi from airport to hotel and back again on the wrong dates
- and on a different coach than his friends!
We're assuming he's got there safely as the last we heard was a text saying "now on the way to Gatwick" I'm keeping everything crossed, he's probably lost his 'phone!
The only photo I have of him all spruced up in a new suit, he was about 4 inches shorter at the last prom 2 years ago! I got him to stand in many places but we just don't have a nice backdrop anywhere, so the overgrown garden it was.
Talking of the garden, I will do an update soon, it's looking very green!
I must go now, I've spent 2 days baking and making today's cricket tea; they've just called the match off due to a waterlogged pitch! If I start eating now I should have got through the cakes by bedtime! On the plus side, both boys are away and The Builder's match is off, a day out maybe?


  1. I've found your sons going away antics hilarious, but how lovely not to get stressed before a holiday.....;) x

  2. Your second son sounds just like my daughter, whom I'm told is a delight when she's not here. :) Sorry about the wasps, I hope that can be straightened out soon.

  3. I just had a read through your older post about your middle son. It brought a tear to my eye because so much of it I see in my house (except that we don't have the sporty gene in this family). There is always one child that worries me more than the others, or is more troubled, more difficult and more everything. I really can't bear wasps, if given a choice between rats and wasps, my choice is the rats. Anytime. I hope you are having a lovely afternoon eating cakes and watching cricket. Cx

  4. Sorry to hear about your birds and wasps. I think I could make peace and live with a few birds, but I hate wasps with a passion. It would be them or me leaving the house!

    I read the post your linked to about your son. It was beautifully written, and your mom's heart showed through very clearly. I think most of us have one child we worry about/find more challenging than the others. I raised five children, three adopted and two with medical concerns. I don't remember a single moment of parenting where I was worry free. They are all grown up now and I still worry. Happy birthday wishes to your younger son, and I hope your older son arrived where he was supposed to be, along with enough clothes to see hint through until her returns home again. :-)

  5. A wasps nest certainly wasn't the best find after your other little visitors, hope it can be dealt with quickly and with as less hassle as possible.
    I must admit to having a giggle about what your son has packed for his hols. I hope they ll have a great time. I suppose the less he takes with him the less washing there will be!
    Birthday wishes to No 2 son.
    Lisa x

  6. I relate totally to one son being - just that bit different to the others, entirely! What can you do, but keep on keepin' on and he will come out the other end of adolescence one day. In the meantime, hang onto your sanity! As Kristleinbc says, you never stop worrying - mine are now 40 and 42 and I STILL worry about them! Though I try NOT to actively worry as it only loads a pile of negative stuff onto them. Oh dear, parenthood, eh!

  7. I hope your wasps have gone now.

  8. Wow, the critters love you and that is for sure! So glad the wasps didn't sting anyone, that is quite the hole they made there!

    I love your pieces about your kids. Couple of mine are the same, in fact Jackson and Tallulah are gone for days to their friends who rave about them..

    "However he is apparently a little darling with everyone outside of the home so it's not all bad. He's away this weekend on a school mini cricket tour to Bath and Reading (quite a journey from here), he packed his own bag as he's not speaking to either myself or The Builder - we're not really sure why. He'll no doubt be on tour without a toothbrush, shoes or pants!"

    Think that's great to let him find out for himself what he forgot, I've definitely gone to that mode. Jackson wanted us to organise three weeks around the possibility his friend might be coming back from Australia for three days, just a rumour at this stage...but was too embarrassed to actually call him

  9. Oh yuck! Rats and wasps? I don;t envy you! At least the rats are outside the house - our cats brings them in for us from time to time :( How handsome your boys are and how quickly they grow up and go off on drunken holidays! If it's any consolation, I fretted like mad for the first holiday, then relaxed and hoped that what happened on holiday, stayed on holiday!

  10. Hi there!!!! How are you? I have been thinking about you and thought I would scoot on over to your blog and say hello! I see that I'm not the only thing scooting around your place!! EESH... I hate when critters decide they need to move in! Your boys are very handsome, they grow so fast don't they? I'm having crazy issues with my 17 year old at the moment, you're more than welcome to him if you like... haha :)
    Much love to you and I Hope that you're well,
    Tammy x

  11. I had earlier this year discovered wasp's nest on the facade of our house and had Stu destroy it before they can hatch. It worried me a fair bit so I can understand your concern! Hope the wasps are gone from your house now.

    PS: How handsome is your eldest son!

  12. Wasps I can do without... when we were little my cousin poked a wasps' nest & they went mad. One stung me in the corner of my eye. I still hate them.

    I don't know if it's easier with two children not three as I haven't had troubles ( behaviour wise - they have both given me heaps of worry health wise ) Hope it all settles down x

  13. Been a while since I had time to pop round your blog and read but now at last I am up-to-date! Thanks for following me on Bloglovin Jay! Wow seems like you've got more unpaying guests than you bargained for. I am not going to ask which ones are more of a nuisance (in my case it would be the wasps - eek!) I hope trips for both sons work out and that the rat/wasp problem gets dealt with without too many hiccups. I am also eager to see how your gardening endeavors go. Lucky you to have a garden! Love reading about your days, you always cheer me up with your witty posts!
    P.S Happy Birthday to Number 2 Son!

  14. Happy birthday to you rson!
    How awful about the wasps and birds. As if you weren't busy enough! Wasps are the WORST sort of visitors--no benefit I can see from them. They aren't bad here this year, but last year when it was dry they were EVERYWHERE. Good luck!

  15. well thanks for the nightmares i'm going to be having about things.. can't even type it.. coming out of.. eek seriously can't even type it! *shudders*

  16. Ewwwwww to the wasps!
    Ahhhh to your son....very cute!
    Get that builder busy....
    Linda :o)

  17. Good luck with the wasps nest, I remember us when we had one my parents and couldn't leave the house!


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