Friday, 4 October 2013


This is just a quick post as we have lots going on but no time to jot it down! Little Miss has been rehearsing almost daily for a dance show at The Theatre Royal in Norwich on Sunday so once that's over we'll breathe a little sigh of relief! She's also practising for a gymnastics competition later in October so for once all the emphasis is on her, that makes a change!
I'm also planning our annual Charity Christmas Craft fair and have to give a talk about our fundraising for children in Gambia to the local Rotary Club - if I can over come my shyness and nerves!
But I thought I'd repeat a little conversation we had with number 2 son recently, it amused us anyway! You remember number 2 son don't you, he can be rather a handful (only at home) which I summed up here.
At the start of the new school year, as he's now a year 10 and will be working towards his GCSE's his school provide predictions of possible results. His school are very keen on self promotion and love to predict the future for their students, we take it with a pinch of salt. Neither of the other 2 children have been or will go to this particular school (we like to say he's "special" but actually he's there for the cricket) so it's all new territory for us.
Anyway he came home during the first week of term and over the dinner table he happened to mention that he had his predictions for the GCSE exams. "Oh really, what have you got then?" we said. Bearing in mind that this child is sports mad and very good at maths, science and IT type subjects and really wanted to drop those useless subjects like Music, Art and English!
"Well" he said " it's A* for Maths, A* for Biology, A* for Chemistry, A* for Physics, A* for PE, etc etc, "Wow" we said "that's amazing, oh wait hang on did you say "A* for everything including English"?" "Yes" he said "I'm predicting A* in every subject"
For a minute we were all over him with congratulations, then oh wait a minute!
"What did you just say?"
"Did I hear you correctly?" "Was it I've been predicted or I'm predicting?"
Yes we did hear right, in fact he's predicting an A* in everything, the teachers however are not!
Oh if only I had an ounce of his self belief; especially for this talk to the Rotary Club, I've only done something like that once before and it was to a group of beavers (little children in uniform not small furry animals) and that time I just about cr****d my pants!


  1. Good for 2nd son! Hope he proves 'their' predictions wrong!
    Good luck to dear daughter for her forthcoming events.
    And for you Jay, I have a dear friend who runs a hedgehog rescue centre. She was terribly shy and had sleepless nights before doing any fundraising talks. She went to see a hypnotherapist and had one 'treatment' and now she simply cannot wait to get up and talk in front of folk! She told me that she would never have believed the difference in her feelings, maybe it's worth a try?
    Rose H

  2. Oh bless him! It's good to believe in yourself.

  3. I bet he was smiling while he said that ! Joe was predicted a fail in maths & surprised everyone by getting a C !
    Wear high heels when you give the talk... I'm told it helps - though would be difficult for men unless they are Eddie Izzard !
    I had to say an eulogy at a funeral last summer. I spoke slowly and looked at my friend whose father I was speaking of. Was so pleased I'd done it for her.

    Good luck x

  4. Good luck with the talk, I like Penny's tip about the heels. They do say imagine everyone naked, but this may not be a good idea!!!
    A* across the board, you never kinow!
    Good luck to Little Miss for tomorrow's performance.
    Lisa x

  5. Well sometimes belief in self is half the battle. Good luck on the speech, I hate talking in front of groups, had to do it a lot as a teacher (kids don't count) and I was never comfortable.

  6. Little Miss is a busy girl. Good luck with your talk, try to imagine you're talking to a group of friends.

  7. Ah this did make me chuckle - good for him!
    I used to do a lot of public speaking when I was a Staff Trainer and the key was just being prepared, key points on cards and lots of practice. Deep breaths, take your time and, I agree, wear clothes you feel confident in.

  8. This made me laugh reading about your son's predictions! Hope your daughter's performances went well and good luck with your talk. I too hate public talking.
    Sarah x

  9. Love that boy - he will go far! And hope the performance went well today at Norwich.Public speaking, I find is a lot like acting. Try and adopt a persona and speak away - it's how I got through my early clinics when I was a newly qualified health visitor, and how I got through my first textile workshops. You'll be fine!

  10. Nothing wrong with ambition eh? Good for him :)

  11. I admire his self-belief - he'll go a long way!!

  12. So funny, well that's good he has great self-esteem.

  13. He's visualizing his success. Love that;)

  14. Ahhhhhh well at least he has high hopes right?!?! My 17 year old's report card came in the mail yesterday and he failed 6 out of 8 classes... all down to being pure lazy, he's away for the weekend but when he gets home he's going to have me all over his butt! So I have predictions of my own going on!! lol
    Have a great Sunday,
    Much love,

  15. Hello Jay. Would it be too presumptuous to ask how/where you send your donations to the Gambia? I would have loved to have heard your talk. I have challenged this family to think beyond their own worldly needs to and to take something with them when we go in December that someone may get use out of. It may be unrealistic but as we are going to be there I wanted to see what we could do. Do you have a school/orphanage/church that you donate to? Many thanks, Liz