Monday, 14 October 2013

What a difference a week makes!

Well I think Autumn has definitely arrived this week, what's it been like for you? On the East coast of England we've taken a bit of a battering this week. And the fires have been lit and blankets tucked around knees in the evening.

Last weekend however it was Summer again. Little Miss had her Big Show at the theatre and we had to deliver her to the stage door at 10am and collect her at 9.30pm; a really long day especially for the little dancers - some were as young as 3.

We'd agreed that Little Miss and I would be dropped off in Norwich for 10am and then I'd hang around the city (read that as grab several coffees and a newspaper) while the others went home for a few hours.

I'm always envious when I see that friends have enjoyed a lazy day drinking coffee and generally watching the world go by in a beautiful city like Cambridge, Bath or Chester. I'd love to spend a day in any of those places but sometimes we just don't have time to appreciate the place we live in. And I have to say after living here for around 35 years I had never really realised what a beautiful city Norwich is. I did notice a few new (to me) places when we did our gorilla hunt in the Summer.

Sorry to repeat some of the photos but I took so much more notice of the city as
we strolled around that day. All the photos above are in the city centre.

 And I always knew the Norwich Cathedrals (there are 2 in the city centre) were very picturesque however I never realised what a relaxed and happening place it could be.

After I dropped Little Miss off I considered doing some Christmas shopping but soon realised I was likely to be carrying the bags for several hours, so instead decided to enjoy a coffee and breakfast pastry. I watched the city come to life as the shoppers arrived, the pavement cafes filled up with people enjoying the sunshine, the Sunday papers and good coffee. I read my book (this months reading group choice - not enjoying it and about to give up on it!), drank 3 coffees and enjoyed the view, unfortunately I had great ideas of taking some artistic photos but
a) I'm not at all artistic and b) I forgot!
Theatre Royal, Norwich

City Hall

These are all I managed but it was a beautiful day to enjoy a quiet coffee outside knowing I didn't have to dash of anywhere, in fact I couldn't dash off anywhere!
It really is a vibrant city and had quite a different feel on a Sunday when people were enjoying the sun and not running in and out of shops in their lunchbreak.
Although we had tickets for the evening performance of the show I bought a cheap matinee ticket just for myself, and watched the 2.30pm show from upstairs in my "restricted view" seat. I was in awe of anyone daring to get up on that stage!

The show itself was themed on famous musicals and we saw the dancers performing to songs from Cabaret, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Moulin Rouge, 101 Dalmatians and Shrek to name just a few. Performing at The Theatre Royal is a big deal as far as I'm concerned but the little dancers were just perfect and it was a stunning show! The group who got the biggest cheer (and the biggest aaahhhh!) were the tiny dalmatians, all aged around 3, wagging their tails and trooping onto the stage one behind the other.
Little Miss performed in 2 dances both from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, I was so proud as she led her troop on and cartwheeled across the stage. She only attends a local ballet school in the village church hall but so much work went into this production I'm overwhelmed and very grateful she had the opportunity.

Taking their bow, in an outfit I'd give my eye teeth to wear
grabbing a pizza between performances, in full make up, as you do!

We finished last weekend very tired but on a high; sadly this weekend looked more like winter! Gale force wind did this to the garden...
Windfall apples everywhere!

 The trampoline has been up for nearly 10 years but it seems a big gust took it up in the air, the legs fell off (surprising as I thought they were fixed together with rust!) and it landed back down - luckily undamaged - still several more years in it yet.
The guinea pig house was flattened too although luckily they had been decamped to their indoor accommodation the night before.

The view from indoors all weekend was like this...
 Not a very good photo but it was dark and wet all day, really miserable! And to think last Sunday I was enjoying the sunshine at a pavement café!

I hope you're all snuggled up away from the cold, I think most of the country has had a wet and windy weekend.
And thank you to everyone for the advice on my little talk to the Rotary Club, it's tonight! Apparently only about 12 people (I'm such a wimp!) With the aid of a teenage boy I have a small powerpoint presentation of photos to take, I hope someone knows what to do with the memory stick when I get there! (no suggestions please!)
Have a great week wherever you are.


  1. Beautiful photos and so glad you got to sit and enjoy your world - it is fun to get those little respites, I find! Your daughter looks lovely and ought to be so proud - that is a huge accomplishment!

    Fall is properly here as well! Have a great day!

  2. Great shots Jay. I'm so pleased for your daughter - what a great opportunity :o)
    It makes a change for you to (nearly) have a day off, your life is SO busy I can tell you enjoyed it.
    Your garden looks lovely, wish I had that much space...
    The weather here has been awful since Friday, it's howling down with rain again now :o( I really want to get some jobs in the garden sorted but it's just not happening.
    Have a good week - stay warm and dry.
    Rose H

  3. Little Miss & Co look fabulous. How wonderful to enjoy the show - twice !
    I had time to mooch around the beautiful city of Palma on my own while husband looked at boats & saw old yachty friends. It was good to both have time & meet up later to enjoy the city together.
    So glad you had some quality time to enjoy the city.
    Wow ! What weather you've had ... glad the G'pigs were tucked up !

  4. Lovely photos. We have family in Norwich and were last up there in January - I'd forgotten what a lovely city it is. Little Miss looks stunning in her makeup - glad you both enjoyed the show if not the weather later in the week!

  5. It's always the way that we don't appreciate the places on our doorstep! I vaguely remember Norwich from a trip to the Broads when I was young, Hilly, but pretty I think! Well done to your daughter, I bet you were proud. xx

  6. Your little Miss is SO gorgeous! Norwich looks very picturesque - great pics.

  7. I think Norwich is a really beautiful city and I love seeing the photos, it's good that you have time to yourself, it's a needed thing to get rid of any stress!!
    Your daughter is just gorgeous, you must be so proud of the little lady!
    I'm sorry to see the wind damage, yikes... that's some serious wind! That would have picked up a small child!
    Scary stuff!
    I hope you have a great week,

  8. I guess I never considered that your weather is so much like ours. What a cool day in the city
    Hope you can get all that stuff fixed after that storm.

  9. It must have been such a long day for your daughter congratulations to her for doing so well. It was 21 years ago since we visited Norwich, it was nice to revisit through your pictures. It does feel so much colder here too, thank goodness you moved the guinea pigs the night before!
    Sarah x

  10. Hi Jay...
    Thanks for visiting...and your good wishes...
    Your daughter is a sweetie...
    Looks like a great outing...

    Linda :o)

  11. What a beautiful place, don't think we ever really saw it properly as we trained up to the seaside, it always seems bright and blue skies in you photos too. Agree about those tutus, have always loved me a good tutu and your daughter looks so lovely in that photo, serene. We've had 80 degrees and now rain and fog, really Halloween weather