Saturday, 26 October 2013

Recapturing My Youth

Just to clarify, the title of this post is Recapturing MY Youth, not Capturing A Youth
 as a friend on facebook first thought!
I'm struggling to post anything and haven't managed to keep track of anyone else's blogs just lately, I've had a hellish couple of weeks at work and am completely done in. I was asked to train for a slightly different job a few weeks back to help out the lady who does this particular job in my office. Not a job I had any clue how to do but thought that, now the kids are getting older, I should work a bit more and hopefully earn a bit more.
Up to then I was doing very few hours a week and getting paid roughly 3 peanuts for it!
So I agreed to take on 2 little clients under the guidance of the existing lady.... only to find after a couple of weeks she needed to go on sick leave for a couple of months and her whole job was divided between me, a manager and another trainee! Added to that the following week my boss bought out a small local business and gained me 10 new clients. I still have no clue what I'm doing and have made more cock-up's than I dare admit to! I'm waking up in the night with near panic attacks wondering if I "ticked that box" or was the answer "5 or 7". Anyway the upshot is I feel so incompetent right now I can barely think straight; not helped by the fact that the other trainee lady seems to grasp it all after only 2 weeks of doing the job! I'd like to say it's an age thing but we're the same age!
Anyway last night was a much needed night off as I had 2 tickets for a concert. I love live music (the builder not so much) but have huge regrets of not seeing many bands when I was a teenager. Lots of reasons for that, I wasn't usually allowed to go although I had a very inconsistent Mum so there was a period of a few months when I saw lots of bands at the local university. I also never had any money and no like minded friends to go with, crippling shyness meant I wouldn't go alone.
As I've got older I've tried to make a point of seeing as many concerts as I can, of the bands I like - old and new. I've travelled a few miles occasionally - like seeing The Scissor Sisters in Brighton (where else) and U2 in Dublin (a highlight).
Last year I noticed a new band I really like had a gig nearby, an outdoor venue in the forest. I knew number 1 son liked them so the conversation went like this -

"Number 1 you like band A, don't you?"
"Yes I do Mum, very much"
"They're playing nearby, in the Summer"
"Oh that's great, I'd love to see them"
"I'm booking tickets, would you like one?"
"Yes please Mum, who's going?"
"Me and possibly Dad, do you want to come?"

It was a fab evening and The Builder did come with me although we weren't always together as I squeezed to the front and he hung around at the back. It prompted a classic text from me to Number 1 son saying simply "Mum's in the mosh pit!" to which the reply came
"How can that even be possible?"
I've tried to see some of the bands I missed the first time around, if they're still together and still alive! They always look so old (unlike myself!) and the audience provide endless entertainment too, slightly elderly men trying to create a Mohican with a lot less hair than they used to have!
But last night The Builder and I had tickets to relive our youth, just for one evening. It took a bit of juggling as the boys were at indoor cricket and we had no babysitter for Little Miss, but after using 2 cars, driving several miles and various drop offs we managed to get to the university in time to see The Boomtown Rats! Oh such a great evening, I really relaxed and shouted, and jumped around, legs not quite managing to pogo but I bounced a little!
And Bob Geldof did an excellent job despite looking like Mick Jagger's elderly Grandad in his (fake) snakeskin suit! And I for one thought I was 18 again, just for a moment when they played Rat Trap.
It was fun though, and it's surprising how many words I can remember from the late 1970's. Apparently they last gigged there 30 years ago - that's the gig I missed!
So after such a good start I'm hoping for a weekend filled with a bit less panic about work, I will endeavour to catch up on reading blogs as soon as possible.
 Have a great weekend!


  1. Sounds like you had a real hoot. They are playing here soon and it crossed my mind too.....

    1. Oh I can recommend them Liz, it was fun!

  2. Good for you, there's nothing like live music, we went out last night to see a local band we liked.
    Best concert I ever saw, The Who, most memorable, Paul McCartney

  3. Ah, Jay, I could have written this post only substituting NHS specifics - I had a dreadful time at one point, lousy manager, running 3 caseloads, projects heaped on me - in the end, I was very ill. Moral - accept a bit of panic and lack of confidence for a couple of weeks til you get going, but then be very careful what you take on/ have thrust upon you! Your health and sanity comes first!! On bands - me and the mister went to see Show of Hands at Norwich Open last week - they were brilliant, and we were up singing and dancin' and clapping - yes, even the Mister! Don't worry about being behind blogging and reading, happens to us all. I love that your friend misr-read your title!! Lx

    1. Thanks for the advice Lynne, I'm not sure how much work I want - my boss seems to be of the opinion that the more work (hours) he gives you the happier you'll be but I only want to work part time! I'm hoping this coming week will be better........

  4. I feel for you having a lousy few weeks at work. I hope things start to settle down and you get more accustomed to the new role. It must have been good to have a bit of light relief seeing the Boomtown Rats and remembering those younger days. We enjoy seeing live music too and went to a Oxjam concert with our son on Thursday. Now he's 23 he doesn't mind our company!
    Sarah x

  5. Oh to be (a cashed up) 18 again - I'm glad you're making up for lost time and opportunities Jay. I missed a lot of bands too when I was a teenager - for similar reasons. My friends had loads more money than me (I have five siblings - cash spread round pretty thinly) and my little casual job didn't stretch to many gigs, most of the time I lived vicariously through their descriptions...a bit sucky at the time, but hey, I survived.
    I also want to thank you very much for all your lovely comments on my Frocktober posts - I hope you know how much I appreciate them Jay x

  6. I'm glad you had a great time! Hang in there - work sounds hard! Don't be afraid to tell them you need help and don't be hard on yourself! Have an awesome weekend!

  7. How is that even possible? LOL
    That really made me laugh, mum in the mosh pit!!!
    I'm so glad you got out, but I got a visual image when you spoke of Bob Geldof in fake snake skin!! I mean really boys... we don't want to see that! There comes a day when you must walk away gracefully from the skin tight clothing :)
    And about work, it's not been too great of a week for me, so I'm right there with you, too bad I couldn't come to the concert with you and we could have stressed away the week together!
    I Hope things get calmer at work!
    Much love,

  8. Hi Jay
    Sorry to read of your frustrations at that 'W' place...I agree totally with WMM, don't be hard on yourself, and tell them you need help.
    So pleased you had a well earned night out :o) Mosh pit indeed!
    Rose H

  9. Jumping around to the Boomtown Rats sounds just the tonic you need after stress at work !
    I saw a few bands in Brighton as lived near but not much. Husband had never seen a band live so I took him to see Amy Mc Donald a couple of years ago & he loved it.
    Love love open air shows & we are lucky to have a village music festival where the tribute bands are very good.
    Biggest regret is never seeing Freddie Mercury with Queen live.

  10. I'm so pleased for you that you got to see the Boomtown Rats and it sounds like they were the perfect antidote to all the stress from work.
    I can empathise with you on that level, work is what has been keeping me away from Blogland and my blood pressure high! I hope things start to calm down for you soon and you begin feeling more confident and sorted with what you are doing. At one point I was beginning to doubt the stuff I knew as I felt I knew so little!
    Lisa x

  11. So happy to hear you had a great time! That "Capturing A Youth" bit made me giggle. heh.

  12. My neighbour asked me to go with her as she is a big Boomtown Rats fan but I had to work the late shift - grrr. Luckily I saw loads of bands when I was young, thanks to living just outside London.

  13. Dear Jay! Good morning, and I am so pleased to meet you! I have never seen a blog like yours, and being an American and never having seen a cricket match, I am intrigued! Very lovely to make your acquaintance and I want to thank you for visiting my post last night. I hope to see you again! Anita

  14. I hope things at work get less stressful! I am starting some new things at my job as well and it has me stressed out too so I know what you're dealing with.

    So awesome that you got to go to a concert! I was able to see The Lumineers a little while back with my sister and they were awesome. Never been to a U2 concert before like you though!

    PS - Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I'm glad you stopped by!

  15. That indeed sounds stressful. Work really can take it out of you, I'm so pleased I've had my holiday and another week of planned for the end of November - it's so important.


    PS Glad I've given you some christmas stocking filler ideas!

  16. Can't believe Bob Geldof is still managing to play live -he looks like the living dead! The Shah and I recently saw Bruno Mars live, much to the condescension of our children who thought we were the last word in sad! We didn't care -he was brilliant and I'd go again if I could!

  17. Oh the Boomtown Rats, gosh blast from the past - did they have more than one hit song. Whatever,,,that one song was great. And now its seems his daughters are in the news being models and It girls, that makes me feel old..

    1. There were a few hits Jody, but it was in the dim and distant past - just for a short time though it was the 1970's all over again!

  18. Would have been worth it to see Bob Geldof play, Mick Jagger has aged surprisingly well don't you think? Glad you had a ball with Hubby, who needs the kids. Your job stresses sound like my sister's, she's just about to quit and start a new one. Hope this week is much better for you.

    1. Thanks Simmone, Bob hasn't aged too well although his spirit was just the same! The job was a little better this week, but only because I took half the week off!

  19. Hi Jay....
    My highlight of my youth, was seeing The Beatles when they were in Toronto...
    And...the Rolling Stones shortly after....mind you...that was in 1965! ha!
    Rod Stewart is coming in December, and I am kicking myself for not getting tickets to that!
    Good luck at work!
    Enjoy your week..♥

    Linda :o)

    1. Wow The Beatles and The Rolling Stones - how fantastic!

  20. Oh dear work sounds grotty but so pleased you had such a good night out - you made me smile about jumping up and down and doing the pogo. More years than I like to remember I was at a Jam concert doing the pogo I loved Paul Weller. What would my grandchildren think!

    1. I love Paul Weller, I saw him once at Crystal Palace in 1997 but that was after The Jam days. I've seen "From The Jam" a couple of times which is the original line up with a replacement for Mr Weller - not quite the same! I would have loved to have seen them all together at their height - I don't know about grandchildren but my children are very embarrassed!!

  21. I think it is great that you are revisiting your past and having a great time..enjoy yourself, and don't worry about the is too what you can when you can and I'm sure you will be great.

  22. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog :) I LOVE live music, me and the Mr used to go to gigs at the old Wembley stadium a LOT, then we stopped for a while. Recently we saw our teenage favourite band Simple Minds when the came to the next town to us and it was so fantastic to see them, they still have it!!

    1. Oh I would love to see Simple Minds, there are so many I missed the first time around when I was about 15-16 and not quite old enough to see the punk bands of the time.

  23. Hi Jay, lots of sympathy for you on the work thing, it must be overwhelming at times.
    Concert-wise, you made me crack up when I read the conversation between you and No.1 son! I am like you, I'd like to be all the way up front, while my husband has a perfectly good time standing way in the back. I've never worked up the guts to go in the pits though :) Happy weekend wishes for you!