Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Some news......

I thought I'd just pop in with some news, some very good news in fact. I'm going to be a boastful Mum, so click away now if you like!

 You may remember this post from a year ago, Trials and Tribulations,
which was about the County Cricket Trials
 for both my boys.
 It's always a tricky time as both boys have tried to get into the County team since they were battling for a place in the under 10's side.
Number 1 son has always been a great player but suffered from nerves every time he went into trial. It can be a very daunting experience and as he was our first (and the first to trial from their cricket club) no one really knew what to expect; he wasn't really very well prepared in those early years.
Number 1 son was always quite small for his age and although he was skilful he didn't have great strength. Every year he came home down hearted
 although he always told me it had gone ok
 (his Dad standing behind him, unseen, showing me a thumbs down!).
It's probably politically incorrect to say this (although I'm sure it's relevant to lots of sports) but it also seemed that you could be welcomed into the squad on things other than talent - namely money, coming from the right school, the right club etc etc,
and we were none of those things.
Anyway year on year he insisted he wanted to try again, this was made all the harder when his younger brother got in on his second attempt. We have to give him credit for his tenacity, he's always supported his brother and never once had a cross word
about his cricket achievements.
Last year it all seemed to come together for him, he'd grown to 6' and was a lot stronger. And every session he went to seemed to go well, he played his socks off at every trial! Husband was excited, we all were, this was his year!
Then he wasn't chosen.....
Two of the coaches told The Builder later (confidentially)
 that they'd wanted number 1 son in the squad but were over ruled!

Anyway he decided to try this year, I have to say I didn't want him to, one last time before he's only
eligible for senior cricket.

The first trial for the under 19's went well, .......
....and then they offered him a place in the squad!
No more sessions necessary!

We're over the moon for him, all that effort, practice and perseverance has paid off..... I'm so proud!

Learning the correct grip, age 2 - note the regulation footwear!


Going for his very 1st trial, age 9
Taller than his Dad, age 17 - wearing his lucky Aussie hat!

 So now he's going to show them what they've been missing in their squad
for the last 8 years!



  1. Well done that young man! Well done for getting into the team, and well done for your tenacity and perseverance. And yes, you are definitely entitled to a little boast!

  2. Oh well done No. 1 Son!!! I remember that Post of yours and have tears in my eyes after reading this one. Best news, good on him! Mel x

  3. What fabulous news!
    Well done to your son to keep going.
    I hope he has a wonderful season next year.
    Lisa x

  4. Horray ! Be a proud mum - he sounds a wonderful young man to be very proud of.

    Interesting to see a photo of The Builder. In your wedding photo in previous post his hair looked like a young Jason Donovan ... in fact with your mass of curls it could have been Jason & Kylie !

    1. He he! I'm no Kylie!
      Up until the day before the wedding The Builder had long hair and had it cut that morning, the vicar met me at the church door and asked if I could peep inside to check I was marrying the right man! Even my Grandma didn't recognise him.

    2. he he...
      husband didn't get his hair cut or buy new shoes or a long sleeved shirt for our wedding. He did buy a suit but wore his dock sider shoes.

      His dad was cross. We were living abroad & had come home to get married. I told his dad, " well it's me he is marrying...and I don't mind ! "
      My wedding dress was all last minute too !

  5. I'm impressed with his tenacity, when I don't succeed the first time I usually give up.

  6. Congratulations to your son, he must be over the moon! I remembered how disappointed you all were last year. So glad he didn't give up.
    Sarah x

  7. Congratulations to your son!
    Have a great weekend,
    Tammy x

  8. Congratulations No. 1 son!! That's what I call determination! And he made it on skills and talent and love for the sport, which is the way it should be with all sports! Have a good weekend!

  9. I'm right there with you on the politically correct front. My son was a county hockey player and cricketer but had to really battle against the "old boys club" and watch the sons of the clique (who we were assured weren't half as good as him) be selected year in and year out. Well done to your boy for showing such tenacity. What a great example he has set to his friends and siblings!

    1. It's awful what goes on isn't it, the more we know the less we like it!

  10. How wonderful. I am really pleased for all of you....a family triumph!.

  11. Brilliant, well done to both your boys and of course to Mum and Dad....where would they be without you two?

  12. Congrats to your son...Well done!

  13. You must be bursting with pride! Congratulations! I hope it's a fantastic season for him!

  14. That's absolutely fantastic news - so pleased for you all! Those qualities will surely stand him in good stead at the crease :)

  15. Hooray for your son! Part of the fun of writing a blog is being able to spread good news about our children.