Monday, 16 September 2013

It's been a while.....

I'm so sorry not to have posted since my birthday, thank you for all the comments they really did help to put a smile back on my face. I managed to get myself into a dark place for a while (not something I'm prone to do). My birthday often does that to me; in the run up to the day itself I get so many mixed emotions from a little excited (because you have to)
to the dread of what may or may not happen on the day itself!
I am 99% certain that I will NOT be doing the parachute jump, which is what most of the commenters agreed they would do. There were one or two who thought it may not be a terrible idea! I've spoken to a couple of friends who have both done a tandem jump themselves and both say it is a fantastic experience. However it's not necessarily an experience I want to have!
It has rather become the "elephant in the room" at home, no one dares to mention it! I can feel a moment brewing when I have to say why I was so upset, there have been a fair few tears shed about it! After thinking about my reaction I know I was most upset that they seem to know so little about me, and my husband has lived with me for 30 years! We've not been having the easiest of times lately - nothing major just those work/home life stresses that everyone has. However during the summer I struggle to cope with the fact that cricket takes up pretty much all of everyone's thoughts and probably all of their time too. After being worn down by number 2 son I think what I wanted most was a rest, some tlc and some thoughtfulness and not the "challenge yourself" present they all thought I needed! What I actually wanted most was for them to notice what I wanted most!
Anyway there is a tiny 1% of me that's considering the jump, only because I have a stubbornness in me that thinks you should try opportunities when they are presented to you. I would never have asked to do one, never ever; but here it is, and I've got a year to think about it.
Anyway it's been a while since I posted and the cricket season has drawn to a close for all concerned. We've said goodbye to the New Zealander who was playing for the club this summer, who stayed locally with his wife and 2 little boys. We'll try to keep in touch over the internet,
sometimes I really love Facebook for that.
We also celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary on the 14th. We got married in 1991, on the first available Saturday after the cricket season ended! However we didn't leave for honeymoon until the Monday as there was a Sunday match to play!
Confetti gets everywhere!

We had lived together for 8 years before getting married, we do everything very slowly!

We were married in the tiny village church close to where my husband was born, my family aren't originally from Norfolk so I had no particular ties to any church.
And our reception was....well, can you guess?

It had been quite funny when the invitations were sent out (no one knew we were planning to get married until the invite arrived through their letterbox) as there were some anxious looks at the idea of our venue. As far as they were all aware we would be trying to host the reception in the tiny, tumbledown, corrugated iron cricket pavilion which was the only building at the ground
 - it had no electricity either!
There was a collective sigh of relief as they marquee went up! There were 2 Pipers to announce the arrival of the bride and groom, we have no Scottish connection at all,
my Mum just thought we'd like them !
Anyway our anniversary went by quietly although we did manage a meal for two in the evening. We don't usually buy presents or cards but this year was a little different. After the birthday fiasco I got a beautiful bouquet of roses and I'd had a gift made for The Builder.
Sorry I cropped the top off as it has our name written on bunting - I try to be a little anonymous!
I thought it was about time we had a family portrait painted!
This was done by Nick, who's work I'd first seen on her blog Morten and Me. 
She's a super artist and I'm over the moon with the finished article too. I did wonder if it was a bit more "me" than "him" but he loved it. And so did the kids.
The only complaint was that the scoreboard showed 22 where in actual fact he would have scored 100 (ever the optimist) - I did have to point out that 22 was the number of years we'd been married, although come to think of it 100 years may be what it feels like!
This is probably the only picture which will ever show me holding a cricket ball!
Well onwards and upwards, winter cricket training starts tomorrow!!
 I will try not to be away so long again but I am still keeping up with everyone else's posts, I love reading what you're all up to.



  1. Oh Jay I somehow missed your last post!?! So firstly Happy Belated Birthday!
    A strange gift indeed for someone who's never expressed an interest in a parachute jump - personally I'd love it, but can totally understand where you're coming from.
    Winter cricket as well - you've got the patience of a saint woman!

  2. It is sad when we realize that others don't know us as well as we think they should. We invest so much of ourselves in them it hurts that they don't show the same understanding of us.

  3. Wow, what a lovely wedding photo, really sweet and funny. We didnt have a proper wedding just a quickie in the registry office with our (then) three kids, one of whom had the runs. I think you should do the jump! Maybe like me do it on a hangover, makes it more bearable. That picture of your family is so charming.

  4. Congratulations on your Wedding anniversary, what a lovely present that Nick made for your husband. I can understand how you feel about cricket. My son started playing football at team level aged 7- 16. My husband after a couple of years took over as team coach and manager. After a few years of following them around at weekends and helping out, my daughter and I decided we had enough of football and chose to do our own things instead. At least there was a longer break with cricket. Hope your family are starting to appreciate your wishes now.
    Sarah x

  5. Congrats on your wedding anniversary and hip hip hurrah for your birthday! You are one long-suffering woman! (re the cricket, I mean!) I have no advice to you re the jump - only that unless you really really want to do it - don't! But I will admire you immensely if you do it!

    You have reminded me that I haven't blogged for ages, must get down to it tomorrow. When I can think of something to say! Lx

  6. Hello petal, long time since we've both posted really... weird isn't it how you are really in the mood or not! I so understand the parachute conundrum... it's not quite in the same league I know, but last year I was given a book called "How to be a sexy mother" by my husband accompanied by a book about knitting gloves! I'm still not sure which book caused me more angst... so am I not a sexy mother already, or when in the last 20 odd years have you ever see me knitting? Yes, I collect knitting needles, but knitting?! xx

  7. I really empathize with you here only with us it's husband's sailing.
    I saw a bit of " You've been framed " the other day & one was an elderly lady on a tandem parachute jump & her false teeth flew out !!!
    A few years ago I booked Go Ape - the tree top trail for us to do as a family. It was so out of my comfort zone. I did two thirds & was very pleased with myself. I shook all the time. I'd still not do the jump though !

    Can you exchange the voucher for something you feel comfortable with and explain to the family ?

    It really hurts when we feel so unappreciated or taken for granted. I had a grumble about husband racing every Sunday & only going sailing as a family once all summer but then I think, it keeps him happy.

    You sound like a super mum & I love the picture you had made. Love your wedding photo too.

  8. PS having just read your comment at mine, you could suggest someone else in the family takes your voucher - you'd be happy with that because what you really want..... is a kitten !

    ( You do know that in exasperation when husband bought another boat, I bought myself a kitten & named him Finn after the boat ! ... sadly Finn - now a young cat is missing at the moment )

    1. I think number 1 son has his eye on the jump. Hope Finn is soon home x

  9. Congrats to you! That picture is adorable, the wedding photo is GREAT! I can totally relate to getting that gift you're not certain you want...hopefully you can take your time deciding whether to accept it.

  10. Have just been back to read the Birthday post - I wouldn't bloody jump either and would be hacked off too by the present. I don't think I've ever forgiven my husband who, on our first Christmas together, bought me a deep fat fryer. He didn't even bother to wrap it. Apparently he had chosen it as he really fancied having chips!
    Still together 23 years of marriage!

    1. Hacked off is right Trish! The 1st Christmas gift he ever bought me was a cuddly toy but the 1st Christmas after we moved in together he bought me a microwave oven! It's been going downhill ever since! Glad I'm not the only one though!

  11. Belated Happy Anniversary.

    I love that you planned your wedding around the cricket schedule!


  12. Congrats me dear. Lovely wedding pic!
    I couldn't do a jump and admire those who can!
    And yes look at Cinderella ladybird books on Ebay, some go for mega bucks!
    Laughed my lardy pants off at the woman who didnt eat all the pies.
    Hilarious my lovely.
    Big love
    Gem x x x x x

  13. Belated congratulations...that wedding picture is really lovely....and I think you have the patience of a saint!

  14. Congrats, all round! I have to say I wouldn't do the jump as I'm no good with heights. Can cope in the plane, but not outside of it! I wouldn't be emotionally blackmailed into it either......sorry, that isn't meant to be as strong as it sounds! It's about you in the end and how it'll make you feel and if you're not happy, don't do it and they'll have to accept it. You could always give it as a present to someone who would really appreciate it, or is that thought a little away a pressie! Anyway, try not to get too stressed about it and I'm sure you'll make the right decision for YOU in the end. x

  15. Don't blame you for not doing the parachute jump - you'd never get me up there, although the Shah has done one years ago and loved it. Love the family portrait - so cute!

  16. Happy wedding anniversary! I love that wedding photo of yours. I'm sorry to hear that you're upset about the parachute jump - after some thought I think I would also be upset if Stu got me something like that. Just know that you don't have to do it - maybe ask for a refund and treat yourself to a pampering spa session instead?

  17. Goodness, I didn't realise quite how much cricket dominates you life! Don't feel you have to do the parachute jump - there's no shame in saying no. I love that artwork by Morten and Me, Nick is very talented, x