Thursday, 29 March 2012

The School Run...Actually the School Walk (as if I'd run!)

Tomorrow is the last school run before the Easter Holidays, but tomorrow I'll have to drive as it's a work day for me. I made the most of being able to walk to school today, in glorious sunshine.

I start off by cutting through the farmer's field, all freshly ploughed - it is a public footpath, I'm not trespassing! Then along the leafy and very quiet lane.

This is the view of the village church form my walk.

I didn't realise how green everything was until I looked back over these photos!
 It really is a pretty walk, I ought to do it more often.

And then home again with Little Miss, it takes twice as long now there's two of us!

A lovely, chatty, relaxing walk on a sunny afternoon.
Of course as soon as I got home the peace was shattered by having to jump into the car and pick number 1 son up. He had an after school session of IT revision to prepare for those
 end-of-school-leaving-forever-hooray! exams.
 He instructed me to pick him up at 4.30pm from McDonalds........
so I guess the IT teacher now runs his classes in there!

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