Sunday, 25 March 2012

Another Busy Weekend

It's been another busy weekend in the cottage, they always seem to be like this. We started on Saturday with hubbie and I going in different directions, he went to cricket practice with number 2 son and I took Little Miss to an audition for Oliver!
She's never done anything like that before and had been practising "Consider Yourself..." for weeks! I should have either bought earplugs or gone for the audition myself - I am word perfect (probably out of tune, but word perfect!) Anyway she didn't get through but enjoyed the morning, true to the little drama queen she is.

Number 2 son brought a friend home to stay and spent the afternoon in the garden, practising cricket skills, the friend is here until Sunday evening when they both go off to cricket training.... there's a pattern forming, can you tell?

Sunday we went to the Spring Fair at number 2 son's school, it was a lovely day and didn't result in taking out a loan to pay for sweets, ice-cream, drinks etc - always a bonus at things like this.

Number 1 son took himself out for the day on his bike, of course as he's just turned 16 his day didn't start 'til noon!

All 3 children attend different schools, just to make life a little more complicated for us - we never take the easy option at The Cottage.

Hopefully everyone else has enjoyed the sunshine over the weekend, it's been lovely in the East of England.


  1. Those type of weekends sound familiar and seem to go on for years. My son was in a football team (aged 7-16) playing every weekend and my OH took over as Football Manager for a few years! My daughter had swimming every weekend too. Now they are both at Uni and we have the whole weekend to ourselves but sometimes you do miss not being the taxi driver, enjoy it while you can!

    1. A whole weekend to ourselves - sounds like bliss!

  2. A busy weekend for you!

    Victoria xxx