Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Beautiful Wednesday!

It's been a beautiful day here in the East of England, lots of sunshine and clean washing flapping on the linen line.

I had a visit from some old friends, here on a 5 week break from Australia - there was a lot to catch up on! The last time we saw each other we were both mothers of boys under 11, now those boys are men - in the blink of an eye too! They emigrated 6 years ago but we've managed to keep in touch via a popular social network site, such an easy way to keep in touch with people who would otherwise disappear.

I haven't got to grips with Blogger at all yet - I will try to post photos.... sometime soon.

The area we live in is very pretty, a firm favourite with holiday makers especially those who enjoy boats. I live in a cottage which we've renovated, or are continually renovating I should say, we've been changing it and rebuilding in for approx. 19 years and I don't expect it to finish anytime soon (I'd punctuate this with a sad face if only I knew how!).

Oh well time to do a school run, and then prepare the "boys" for tonights cricket, it is an all-year-round-sport in England, right??

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