Monday, 7 July 2014

When it all gets too much!

Both the Builder and I have been a bit worn out lately, him working very hard to get a project finished to enable the payment to be released and me just generally dashing about.
I've been trying to attend everything at school, usually late for most things but I'm trying!
I'm also trying to work a few extra hours, not because I want to but because they pay me - actually what I want to do all day is stay at home and decorate, clean and garden (generally faff about as The Builder would say) - I'm a bit boring that way!

The builder has not been sleeping well partly to do with his "ladies hips" (see earlier post) and partly to do with the worry over his work. I'm not sleeping too well either, and that's due to these incredibly hot, sticky, tropical nights we're having in the East of England, sweltering aren't they?
What did you say? They're not hot?
Is it just this house then?
It can't just be me surely, as I approach 50....??

Anyway the cricket schedule has been going at full pelt and it's hard to keep up, it should slow down slightly now as the school matches have finished. But as Number 2 son's team have won the County Cup and now go through to the Regional rounds I see more cricket and travelling ahead.

The inclement weather hasn't helped, matches are on, then off, then on again, then off again, then re-scheduled for another day! The wet ground is great for cricket kit, you know they play in white? Who's idea was that? Boys; dressed in white; running around on a muddy waterlogged field; skidding on their knees to catch a ball. This is what you get....
(You get muddy whites, not a wonky photo!) imagine this times 4, 3-4 days a week!
Most Mondays my washing line looks like this, I think I've used this photo before, it's not recent and I can't for the life of me think why I'd have a photo of my washing line saved on the computer 
if it wasn't for the blog!
Excuse the sorry state of the garden and the fence, I'd like to say it's being replaced soon, it's on the list but,
well, you know the story!
Well we try to keep up with life but sometimes, when there's an evening with no cricket (was there such an evening? Really?), and we sit in front of the TV for 5 minutes. We mean to have a chat, maybe a glass of something, once the kids are in bed or at least in their rooms. But more often than not it doesn't work out like that. One evening last week I woke up on the sofa, at 10pm, (I may or may not have been dribbling a little!). The Builder was snoring away on the other sofa and on my lap was a note....

Bless her little cotton socks!

Poor kids having such old, infirm parents (one of whom is hot, very, very hot!)!



  1. You make me laugh. A cold sip of gin and tonic, a shower before bed and lots of cotton pajamas to rotate will help with the heat.

    1. Thanks Liz, I'll try the gin and tonic, I'm thinking the strong coffee I'm fancying isn't helping!

  2. Oh crapola. I feel your pain; sometimes I feel like I just want to press the pause button on life.

  3. You should try and get some sponsorship from a washing powder company! My hurts thinking about all that washing.
    The hot nights sound uncomfortable. I had a few after my hysterectomy and my HRT wasn't sorted!
    Lisa x

  4. Aww that note is so sweet, your darling daughter deserves a big hug. I hope you'll get a good break from it all soon, you sound utterly exhausted. Thinking of you. x

  5. I hear you !
    Cold face cloths on my neck every night - duvet thrown off & pillow turned over to the cool side.
    " It's too hot !" I cry out throwing open the French Windows in the evening but I'm the only one wanting them open ! Later snoring on the sofa !

    My mum once washed the village football team's kit ( I have three brothers & mums had to take their turn washing ) - I say once because she turned it pink !!!

    Hope you can keep cool xx

  6. Oh my, how on earth do you get the mud out? I live in fear of pale clothes. Thankfully the football kit is red and black. There's some business related insomnia here too, so I can relate and sympathise. I hope it all cools off soon for you both. The cricket schedule sounds gruelling, but it's that time of the year I guess. Well done to No.2 son and his team, and good luck for the next matches. CJ xx

    1. PS, I'm boring too, all I want to do is stay at home and do domestic things, it's my idea of bliss. C x

  7. That's seriously BAD laundry to have to wash! Ah, life can get so busy and full. Good luck finding those peaceful moments in it.

  8. Oh what a lovely post - that wee note!!! that amount of washing is incredible, I cannot believe you get their whites that white. Cy was just complaining the other day about his baseball pants which seemed as dirty and stained as when they went in!!

    yes good work finding the peaceful moments... I find summer very discombobulating as there is no routine

  9. I love that sweet note, you are just running yourself ragged. And not getting enough sleep is not helping. I hope to get some rest soon, and that some of the activities slow down. How do you ever get those clothes clean?
    Sending you a hug full of energy and great sleep.

  10. I do not envy your laundry. I'm sorry it's been a slog lately. I hope you're able to get some rest and relaxation soon.

  11. You must be a wizard with the laundry Jay, that muddy heap there looks scary! Hope you get to feel cooler and more rested soon! Sweet Little Miss and her note, that's just ♥

  12. I can only really sleep in a fridge....move over lettuce I say! :) x

  13. "The builder has not been sleeping well partly to do with his "ladies hips"

    ...funny, I always tease Dad about his well turned ankles, he has the ankles of a 17th century your lady

  14. I'm sorry you and hubby haven't been sleeping well and feel run down, do you have a fan that you can put on in the bedroom? I have a hard time sleeping without one, because of course for obvious reasons they keep you nice and cool, but I love the sound, the sound puts me to sleep and drowns out the teenager when he stays up late doing this or that.
    I Hope things slow down soon and that your builder gets his job done!
    Much love to you,
    Tammy x

  15. Just wanted to say that the biscuit maker was a happy find in a charity shop at the weekend for £1.00! It looks like it's never been used but has spent a life time sat in someones kitchen cupboard. I have had a quick look on ebay though and you can buy new stainless steel versions for less than a tenner.
    Hope the boys, sorry Little Miss, has fun with one if you get it!
    Lisa x

  16. Haha - I feel your pain! I inevitably fall asleep on the sofa most nights and, quite often, the Shah joins in as well. Life is exhausting!

  17. Hope things settle down for you soon. It's not good when you aren't getting a good night's sleep.
    I watched all of the football last night and then, just before the penalties, fell asleep on the sofa. And I had kept going for so long....

  18. I have lots of posts to catch up on! I'm glad I don't have your washing to do, I'm sure mine won't look so white! Loved the note, you have quite accurately described our evening scene too! Sarah x