Thursday, 31 July 2014

Liebster Blog Award

I hope you're all enjoying the Summer? Thank you for all the comments and kind words after my down in the dumps posts recently - Gran continues to be the same, but I've managed to see and speak to her a few times.
 I disappeared for a while there but I'm back. Lots of things have got in the way of blogging but I failed to photograph most of them and if I just write about what's been happening
 it may turn into a very loooong post!
Anyway a little while ago Christina from A Colourful Life passed the Liebster Blog Award to me, thank you very much Christina, I'll do my best!
The Liebster Blog Award is a blogger- to- blogger nomination which promotes blogs with less than 200 followers. I know some people prefer to be award/list free, but I'm really happy to receive it.
It's also reminded me that I was passed The Sunshine Award by Tammy (who's blog link seems to be broken just now) a while back and although I produced the required post I didn't attach the award to my sidebar - I'll put that on my to-do list.
This task is as follows -
1) Write 11 random facts about myself
2) Answer Christina's 11 questions
3) Nominate 11 bloggers and ask them 11 questions
Gosh number 3 just ain't going to happen, Please take the baton if you feel you have time and would like to, I'd love to read your lists. I'll complete the task in bits , starting with my 11 random facts - this part seems easy!
Here goes..... (I did a random 10 list a while back so I'll apologise now if I'm repeating myself!)
1) I love live music, although don't go to as many concerts as I'd like. From one a couple of years ago I sent a text to Number 1 son saying "Mum's in the mosh pit" to which a fast reply came "how can that even be possible?"
2) I've always had long nails, even in school. I hated having them cut and they're as strong as, well, nails!
4) I wanted to be a make up artist for TV in London, but before I got the chance I met my husband and the rest is history.
5) I have a huge phobia of losing touch with people. I would write to someone I'd only sat next to on the bus if I could.
6) I love to swim, the only sport I'm really willing to do!
7) I absolutely do not understand the rules of cricket, despite sitting on the boundary for approximately 35 years! It doesn't help my addled brain that the rules are slightly different in every age group; and I have people IN every age group!
8) I'm a bit strange when it comes to hanging out my washing. I will not hang any underwear on the linen line, and socks can only hang if they're in pairs and all facing the same way. I once left my best friend alone in my house while I popped out for 10 minutes and returned to find she'd hung all my bras on the line!
9) I think I could easily live in a health spa!
10) Where I actually want to live is in a house not far from the beach, in more sunny climes.
11) My love of reading comes, I think, from an inspirational and very dramatic English teacher at High School; similarly my hatred of Maths comes from a very useless teacher at High School.
Not the most interesting of lists I'm afraid, I'll do the next part where I answer
Christina's questions as soon as I can.
We're in Lincolnshire tomorrow as Number 1 son has his debut in the Under 19's County Squad.
I have never been more terrified in my life!!


  1. I don't think I even know what a mosh pit is.... oh dear.
    Best of luck tomorrow :)

  2. I suppose one day all your boys will be in the same cricket age group and then the rules might be manageable. They are a complete enigma to me, too. The last concert I went to was a Motorhead concert :) not necessarily on top of my list but it was an experience for sure. I hang socks in pairs! Thank you for participating, it is fun really. Cx

  3. I suppose one day soon all your boys will be in the same cricket age group and the rules will be more manageable. They are a complete enigma to me, too. The last concert I went to was a Moterhead gig :) not my favourite band but it sure was an experience. I hang socks in pairs. Thanks for participating! Cx

  4. Good to hear I'm not the only one who doesn't know the rules of the sport they spend hours watching. I'm laughing about the washing, did you leave them there to dry? A good list, I love reading these random facts posts. CJ xx

  5. Number 9 - couldn't we all! Lovely, insightful list! x

  6. Mosh pit Mum ! Ha !
    I have my own way of hanging the washing too ! Jess's way is terrible & I re do it if she's hung the washing out !
    I can't sail & have lived with a sailor for twenty five years !


  7. I'd never have guessed you didn't know the cricket rules!
    A make up artist!
    So much fun stuff in this list...

  8. Great random facts I think!! I am funny about pegging out laundry too! Undies have to go in the middle of the whirligig line so that the neighbours cant see them!! xx

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