Friday, 20 December 2013

The school Christmas play and some unexpected players

Last week amongst other things my Dad stayed with us for the whole week which was really nice; he visited us alone which meant we had some quality time together. Of course while he was here he had to attend the Primary School Christmas production - and what a production it always is!

I mentioned last year how inspired it always is, not your usual Nativity scene for us!
We have a tiny village primary school which in the 16 and a half years I've been there with one child or another has doubled in size to approximately 50 pupils, that's the whole school!

 However they hire the village hall for their annual production, written by a superb classroom assistant, as so many extended family members and villagers wish to attend! This year they had to extend it to 2 performances - and we have a very big village hall too!

We were not allowed to know what this years production was, only to send in some khaki clothes! It's usually based loosely around a subject they've been studying and I correctly guessed it would be World War 2.

I managed to forget my camera typically, we do have the official school dvd though. I took a few on my phone but it's not a great phone and the pics are quite blurry.

However what I hadn't expected was the appearance of Doctor Who and his TARDIS (yes they had actually made a TARDIS) who transported them back to war times! They were chased by a Dalek too - possibly not authentic WWII but they'll never forget the other facts I'm sure!

(Not very clear photos taken on a not very good phone!)

Little Miss appeared in various guises, a school teacher with big Harry Potter glasses,
and also as a Land Girl.
There was a scene featuring all the women's jobs in the war from nurses to mechanics - they entered stage left with a lot of hip wiggling,  to a loud rendition of "Here Come The Girls...."

Every time they entered the TARDIS to travel somewhere else the entire cast performed the Time Warp! (I did start to wiggle along to this as I'm a huge Rocky Horror fan)

At one point they travelled back to a school during an air raid and lo and behold, for the first time in as long as I can remember our school Christmas production featured some very unexpected guests, wait for it,.... Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus in the manger - that's a first!
 They had travelled back to a wartime school where the children's Nativity was interrupted by bombing! It may not be politically correct but it is a fact that it's very rare for a true nativity to feature in our school Christmas production.

In previous years Little Miss has been a Victorian maid (learning point - Victorians) and a gymnast (learning point - not quite sure!). Number 2 son was in his primary years a Huntsman (Snow White and the Huntsman) and a member of the Home Guard (2nd World War).

At the end of the production there is always a hamper raffle, it's a really good hamper too with donations from all parents (nearly all of them anyway!). I'd already bought the obligatory tickets sent home in the book bag but thought this year I would try to guarantee a win, so bought some more! Sadly my name was not drawn and another Mum staggered home carrying the enormous basket; it's possible I didn't win due to the fact Little Miss had forgotten to hand in the ticket stubs and money!!

After the raffle they decided to auction off the gingerbread house made by Little Miss and a couple of classmates - so we came home weighed down with gingerbread but also with a lot less money!!

The whole event was tinged with a little sadness as I know that, after roughly 16 years I will not be attending any more Nativity/Christmas productions; well not with my own children taking part anyway. The end of an era I think.
I am hoping to do a bit of a Christmassy post now the decorations are up and the children are off school but I also know that time is running out and I still have a lot to do!
I will say a very big Happy Christmas from me to you,
just in case I don't make it back to the keyboard.
With Love,


  1. What a production! It sounds great and what fun for everyone. I can remember only the very worst (ie funniest) school entertainments notably the year the school orchestra played. I was literally on the floor laughing myself sick at one point because the violins were SO BAD and I didn't want anyone to see/hear me laughing hysterically. But then everyone else was too, all the shoulders were shaking and there were so many hankies out covering trembling mouths. Dear me, I can still feel my aching ribs ......happy days. Have a lovely Christmas- children are what it is all about.

    1. I think I'll keep on going to the Christmas production each year even though my kids won't be in it, lots of people do! Hope you're having a great Christmas Lynne. X

  2. Wow! Amazing! Wish I'd been there!

  3. That sounds such fun & very inspired... travelling back to a school nativity during an air raid !
    Ends of eras are tinged with sadness but make for happy memories & " do you remember when... " conversations.
    Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas x

  4. I love the sound of your local village school - so very different from the primary school my kids go to with 420 children! The Christmas play sounds like such fun, there are obviously some very creative and inspiring people at that school! Merry Christmas to you. x

  5. That sounds lovely and so much more fun than a straightforward nativity!

  6. Sounds like a very entertaining evening and really good fun for all the children who get involved too.
    Enjoy eating the gingerbread house, looks very sweet!
    Happy Christmas to you all.
    Lisa x

  7. Wow, your girl looks the part, ha sounds like lots of fun (from a long time Whovian). You'll have to keep going after 16 years. Congrats on winning the house, are you up for the eating though? Best wishes for your family over Christmas, have fun.

    1. The gingerbread house didn't last long!

  8. Oh and I forgot to say sorry about LOSING the ashes, ha!

  9. The primary school production sounded so good. 16 years is a long time to be associated with the school, I find it difficult to get used to move on from our primary school after 9! Hope your Dad enjoyed it too and you all have a wonderful Christmas.
    Sarah x

  10. Hands down, this sounds like the BEST Christmas play EVER! A TARDIS? Time Warp? AWESOME!