Friday, 13 December 2013

"That Boy" strikes again!

You may remember a previous post in the summer when I described a few of the problems we have with a very argumentative middle child. Well a week or so again he really made me laugh with his latest protestations! Well I say laugh, it was a few hours later I laughed,
 at the time I had steam coming out of my ears!
We were discussing Biology at the tea table, now his brother got an A at GCSE and is now in his second year of A level and I studied Biology almost to A level and do take a keen interest in the body and it's ailments (some may call me a hypochondriac but I couldn't possibly comment!)
We were discussing the skeleton and he mentioned the bones in the body, in particular the leg. Now this is a boy who is never ever wrong and whilst he is super intelligent the rest of us (and you too most probably) are very, very stupid!
He told us he had to learn the names of the bones and was already fluent in leg - the tibia and fibia are the calf bones. Now we were quick to correct this as obviously his minor error was apparent - "tibia and fibula you surely mean?" Well stand back for the explosion!
No we were wrong and we could confirm this on Wikipedia and by emailing the Biology teacher - the bones in the calf had recently been re-named and we are all wrong and he is right!!
Now I'm not sure what you would do but I'm not good at backing down so a heated argument ensued - I stopped short of emailing the teacher for fear of making myself look stupid!
 I asked The Builder why we have such a difficult and pig headed child who never thinks he's wrong - his response was
 "what do you expect when he has 2 parents who never think they're wrong!"
 He can't possibly mean me......
Anyway the second instance which happened this week really did make me giggle and I didn't argue too much! We were discussing the film Nativity 2, Danger in the Manger starring David Tennant. It was at the cinema last Christmas and Little Miss and I enjoyed a lovely afternoon once school had broken up watching this deliciously far fetched festive treat.
I mentioned that it was out on dvd and I'd love to see it again this Christmas. Now the film is called Nativity ", I'm just repeating that as the clue is in the name. Number 2 son argued that it couldn't possibly be on dvd yet as it had only been at the cinema 6 months ago -
 "No" I replied, "obviously it was out at Christmas, it's called Nativity, about the nativity,
 you know Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus?"
But apparently not, according to the oracle (aka number 2) The film NATIVITY 2 was released in June......... well what can you say to that??


  1. I'm a middle child too, as is my husband, and it's true, we're never wrong.

  2. Oh my I too am a middle child and my middle God bless him is just like!
    I love that he's got something to say or our house would just flow too smoothly, he's our firecracker for sure! take care, Heidi

  3. Oh, Jay, our youngest grandson, Fraser, 5 is the younger version of your middle son. And is going to get worse/better as he gets older! I identify with the gritted teeth followed (hours later) by a big grin. And I know my son and daughter-in-law feel the same. But you just have to sit back and enjoy this remarkable individual - it may be a bumpy ride, but you will certainly be going places with him!!

  4. I had to Google "fibia" and found there are plenty of people who agree with your middle son - I realize that they are wrong, of course, but it shows what a difficult world our children are growing up in. My middle child always gives in to keep harmony, even when he is right. (And he almost always is!) I guess that's what happens when they grow up.

  5. Every day's a school day as they say!!!
    Lisa x

  6. I'm laughing, I recognise a little of this kind of thing. I'm almost never wrong, but people do insist on arguing with me on occasion. Obviously if I was wrong I would capitulate, but because I'm right, then clearly it's not an option to back down. One or two children seem to have inherited this trait as well, except that they're not right all the time like me.

  7. My husband and his brother have a very annoying habit of saying: "Hmmm" in a very American way when I make a statement, nothing more, or yes sometimes they will add> are you sure about that? I need to just bring up fibia and quote your son!

  8. Joe exclaims, " That's stupid ! " about many topics of conversations. Jess & I tell him to, " Look at the bigger picture " He will mature & get an opinion other than " That's stupid !"

  9. He sounds so like me. Well, I'm not always right, but I'm never wrong.

  10. Gotta love a kid who lets you know what's on his mind, though!
    Oh--that flood damage! Sounds like you've had as weird weather as we have had.
    Good luck with all your Christmas crazyness--and your bullheaded kid:)

  11. This made me smile so much!
    Sarah x

  12. My two are quite argumentative enough without having had a third! I think you are a model of patience!

  13. I have a youngest daughter who's nickname is Little Miss Last Word. heaven forfend they should ever meet!

  14. Calf bones!! Hehe. How funny! Though I'm sure at that time, not so funny for you