Sunday, 21 July 2013

Where have all the cherries gone?

It has to be said, first off, I'm not much of a gardener - my fingers are very "un-green"!

In my head I have a beautiful cottage garden full of lupins, delphiniums and hollyhocks, as well as a vegetable and herb garden and a veritable cornucopia of fruit.

However the reality is that I'm struggling, not helped by the fact that the builder is far too busy during the summer months with cricket work and therefore any heavy work, or rearranging - and there is a lot of that to be done - goes unfinished; or more accurately un-started.

The lawn is being kept down by two very hardworking guinea pigs right now, doing a sterling job. You see we only have time to get the lawn mower out between October and March - you're starting to see the problem aren't you?

We have several fruit trees in the garden, which don't produce much fruit, well except the pear trees, they manage to survive anything and produce more fruit than we can manage. And what fruit are the kids not keen on? Yep, pears!

We have a lovely apricot tree which had 2 years of producing tons of fruit, then never produced a single one since - probably nothing to do with the "trimming back" I gave it.

But the last two years our cherry tree has started to produce little buds of fruit, however the birds got to it before we could and we've not managed to eat a single one yet.  This year though I was on the ball, a large net was purchased which I threw over the tree. Now that may sound easy but I almost secured myself to the tree in the process, I eventually covered it whilst knocking off three quarters of the fruit. A few cherries would be better than none though. Not being a very well equipped gardener I fastened the net with gold and silver ribbon from the Christmas wrapping supply - looking good I thought.

I kept an eye on the tree, fruit turning pink and looking delicious. Then for a couple of days I couldn't see the fruit from the window, maybe it was dark and ready to pick, blending into the foliage?

I went to investigate, ready to pick and eat. Can you see the fruit?
Go on, look closely, can you see the cherries?
No neither can I!
But look, can you see what I can see.....
A lot of pips on stalks!
So where in the world did the cherries go?
No bird could have navigated it's way in and out of that net.
There was only a little space around the trunk, what do you think? Mice??
So off to the supermarket I go, we need cherries!!


  1. I solemnly swear I didn't take your cherries, and I would never have thought to be as clever a you and cover the tree up, and after being so clever I would have been very ticked off that something/animal/bug/thing took my cherries after I was so clever!!! I don't know about the UK but cherries are quite an expensive fruit here in the States... and I had to laugh about the Guinea pigs... haha!! They must be fat little piggies!!
    Have a great week!

  2. Oh no! How frustrating! If you lived anywhere near me I would bring you round a box of the cherries we've been getting from our local Middle Eastern shop. Huge boxes for next to nothing. They only thing is that they usually have to be eaten within a couple of days but that's not very difficult! x

  3. JUST like what happened to our runner beans and peas last year! Stripped bare when the y flowered and no more growth.

    As to your cherries ... I put my hand up to it. I have them here in my fridge! Luscious, lovely cherries! No, to be honest they were care of Mr Sainsbury. And Tammy is right, they are expensive, but curiously they seem less expensive - relatively - this year. So I am enjoying them with a clear conscience. Sorry. So you will have to do the same! I can recommend them.

  4. What a bug***r! I simply can't imagine what has pinched those cherries Jay - just hope they don't come round here too!
    No, seriously I have no idea what would have done that to them...
    hope you find the culprits though.
    Rose H

  5. I love cherries - I'd have wept and ranted if that were my tree. And they're SO expensive in the supermarket! :(

  6. How bizarre! I have no idea how that happened. I'm pretty impressed with your preparation and net skills though.

    I love cherries but they are so overpriced in the supermarkets. Better to hunt them down in a local greengrocer - or grow your own! x

  7. That's like finding the foil wrapped chocolates hanging on the Christmas tree ... with no chocolate inside !

  8. It's a mystery!? I don't like cherries, but can understand your frustration.

  9. How bizarre! And extremely frustrating!! I hope you find out what happened to them and let us know, I'll be pondering that one as I head off to bed....:-)

  10. Hi there!
    I tried to respond to a comment that you left me via email, do you know that you're a "no reply blogger"... I didn't know if you knew.
    But I have to tell you, I'm blind as a bat Jay!! Last night I was watching Downton Abbey while trying crochet and it was a sight! Looking through eye glasses... Looking up... adjusting glasses... My kids make fun of me!
    Tammy xx

  11. BUMMER about the cherries.
    We also swim in pears here. I wish everyone would be more enthusiastic about them!

  12. How very strange. And v annoying when you got yourself sorted with the net and all.
    Hope the supermarket ones were nice and juicy!
    Lisa x

  13. What a shame you never got to taste them! Something must have enjoyed them, it looks as if you are wrapped it up well.
    Sarah x

  14. I too had same experience last week - July 10th 2015. All the cherries on my tree in front garden - just gone - when they were just ready and ripe to be plucked. The only solace, the day before I could pluck for a couple of branches to share it with my neighbours. Very mysterious. If the birds have attached I expect some seeds to be dropped on the floor. But nothing. I still am under shock.