Saturday, 6 July 2013

That boy!

That boy drives me to distraction, sends me round the twist and into dementia; all the time!
That boy who was the sweetest, easiest, quietest baby ever to be born.

The boy who slept in my arms and made hardly a sound.

That boy who turned into a smiley toddler; I just had to say "can you make Mummy happy?" and he would give me his bestest smile, which is the widest smile you'll ever see and really does go from ear to ear.

That boy who crawled and hid behind the sofa with all the chocolates off the Christmas tree, and ate them all!
That boy who always needed a Mummy cuddle and believed me when I told him that we were psychically connected when he started school; if he was worried he had to do was think very hard about mummy & she would hear him & send a message back! (old fashioned texting??)

That boy who is so painfully shy but also so gifted and talented.

That boy who prised open a bottle of beer at age 3, "'cos I like the taste!"
That boy who should be admired for his continual optimism and positive thought, even if the school report doesn't say he's top of the class, he actually was, the teacher just made a mistake!

That boy who argues so much with all of us.
That boy who has made me smile and cry more than anyone else.
That boy who plays sport so hard that he must be exhausted and under pressure to perform all the time.

That boy who refuses all offers of a haircut until now, right now, this minute, when he absolutely must have one right now!

That boy who makes me almost say very cruel things, things  a mum mustn't say, things that may have been said to me when I was young.

That boy who's best present ever was the huge cardboard box filled to the brim with sugary, brightly coloured sweets - which disappeared very fast.

That boy who is so competitive it hurts, who, in this years 1500 metre race, came a close second to the boy who represents England.

The boy who never speaks out even when he knows he's been treated unfairly.
That boy who denies all knowledge of the disappearance of a whole box of Christmas chocolate biscuits but who is the only one to leave a trail of crumbs behind him.

That boy who always thinks he is taller than he is and has bigger feet than he does. Who sent me running around the city one Saturday to buy size 9 cricket boots before a match, as his size 7's were 2 sizes too small. Only for me to discover that he was still a size 7 but walked onto the pitch wearing his clown like size 9's, just to prove a point!

That boy who denies drinking all the "special occasion fizzy" although the denials come through a series of burps!

That boy who was presented with a school award today for the highest marks in the end of term exams in his year.
The same boy who, for the past term, has left lessons most days at 11am to play school or county cricket and missed most of the work.

The boy who only had to remember to get himself ready for the prize giving today and arrived at school having forgotten to eat his breakfast and was minus his blazer.

The boy who has caused me to have a permanent letter saved on the computer addressed to the school to explain why he has no shoes; they are left in a changing room/on a cricket pitch/on a rugby pitch/ on the bus, or just "missing"

The boy who never has homework, apparently.

That boy who has a room like a bombsite  and can never find anything but it is very definitely NOT HIS FAULT!

That boy who has friends but who is always on the edge of a crowd, never in the middle.

That boy who loves his family so very passionately, but seems to hate us most days too.

That boy who has never made a mistake, never got anything wrong, ever.

That boy who I have just left at school with an army issue rucksack bigger than himself, as he waits to go on an RAF camp for the week, looking a little shy and lost, and maybe a little smaller than he normally does.

That boy who will no doubt return home with a lot fewer clothes than he went with and will have found all the sweets at the bottom of his bag within 5 minutes of getting on the bus.

That middle child who drives me mad every day and makes me scared about what argument we will have next; that's him, the one I'm missing already and can't wait til he comes home Friday night!



  1. You made me think of my own boys with this! (Men, now.)

  2. A mother' s love for her son - you wrote it beautifully.

  3. This post sings of motherly love! Beautiful to read!

  4. The contradictions that are boys! Beautiful. Hope he has a ball.
    Sandra x

  5. Exactly......and yep...that is how a mother feels for her son...wonderful isn't it?

  6. aww that's lovely.
    I used to say that Joe & I were still attached such was his bond with me !

    Hope camp goes well.

  7. Sounds familiar! Beautiful...

  8. How very beautifully written, left a little lump in my throat after reading. I found myself smiling too, cause l recognise a lot although every child is unique. I have a boy and a girl who between them have turned my hair grayer, but oh l do love them.All the best, and thanks for popping in to visit at Winkel's. Pam

  9. That was wonderful... the perfect read. And that boy who used to wear sweet little knitted sets made by his Nanny -- Thanks for popping into Chalky's and leaving such a lovely comment.
    You will miss him so much.
    My son,his wife and precious only Grandson are leaving for Dubai next month and it hurts already to know how I ma going to miss them but my midwife said to me when he was born
    " being a good Mum is about gradually letting them go!" She was right but the gap it creates is HARD !

  10. I very nearly stood up and cheered reading this. Just beautiful.

  11. Little lump in throat reading this! I had one of those too...and now his younger son is doing all those things to him! They are the ones who who produce delight and exasperation in equal measures, but on the whole, they are usually sound, very sound. Enjoy your boy!

  12. Just a lovely post, full of love.
    Hope that boy had a wonderful time.
    Lisa x

  13. This is a wonderful dedication to your son. when he is older, show it to him and he will know how much he is loved. x

  14. That is such a lovely post! It must've been hard waving him off. But the week will fly by and he'll be so glad to be home at the end of his trip, and you'll be so glad to have him home. x

  15. Beautiful post - it brought a little tear to my eyes. Children bring so much joy what would we do without them x

  16. What a tribute. He sounds like an amazing kid in so many ways. My oldest is at camp, too, so I feel how you miss him.

  17. That was such a fantastic post to read and really made me smile.

    Hope he enjoyed camp and you managed not to miss him too much.


  18. What a gorgeous post. He really does have a big smile that makes others smile just looking at him.

  19. This was absolutely beautiful.
    I have 4 boys and a girl. So you know I can relate to this, it was perfect and I could see my own boys in every line, one or the other of them...
    They have given me grey hair, each and every one of them, but I wouldn't change a thing!

  20. *wipes tears* You must be so proud. A template letter on the computer I feat is what is to come - hope all our boys play cricket for England. He sounds an incredible young man :)

  21. That's a wonderful post about your boy. Hope he had a great week and you haven't missed him too much.
    Sarah x

  22. That was lovely! They grow way too quickly, that's for sure :)