Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Cricketer from Overseas 2013

Some of you may remember this post from the beginning of my blog, almost a year ago, about the arrival of our summer lodger. Well it's that time of year again and meetings have been held to discuss this years guest overseas player. Generally the emails flying about bypass me (even though I hold the family email account) as I may have a meltdown. Last years scene was not a pretty one and I hope I won't repeat it. So I've been a little apprehensive to say the least.

The garage/penthouse suite is full of junk, bags of cement, Christmas decs, bikes and more junk so is no where near habitable.

This weeks meeting advised all the players that the overseas cricketer for the 2013 season is on his way from New Zealand (which hopefully means I don't have to hunt down a halal butcher this year!), and as he's a high profile ex-international (apparently?) he requires more of a place to stay than a chilly outhouse.

Hooray, we have a year off - no rent free tenant to join our crickety house!

Husband has had 2 sleepless nights this week, "Are you worried about business" I asked, "is it finance that's keeping you awake?" - All the usual worries we have from week to week. But no, far from it.

He is apparently excited at the prospect of his sons bowling to an ex NZ wicket keeper. He demostrated how it may look, using the kitchen as a representation of the pitch. Me in the place of the batsman (I think I was meant to be the batsman) I had to stand still and imagine where the ball may land and picture the scene.

Then imagine the cheers when a member of the opposition is out, the score board will read " bowled number 1 son, caught NZ wicky" Apparently that's good...............

I'll have to try to contain my excitement and concentrate on something more important, like ironing!

At least this year if anyone asks what we have in the garage I won't have to say
" a strapping 22 year old young man from Australia/New Zealand/South Africa" and watch their faces blanch ever so slightly,  and back away from me nervously!

In other news Number 1 son turned 17 yesterday, but as it was a college day it wasn't the most exciting of days for him! He did get woken by myself and the builder doing our best (but somewhat squeaky) rendition of "Happy Birthday to you". Both of us wearing fluffy dressing gowns - not a pretty sight! This year he asked for a gym membership which if he uses as much as the racing road bike we bought him for his 16th  will cost roughly £100 per session!

And today my car is in the garage for repair, apparently turning the radio up to full volume hadn't actually cured the clunk/grind/squeak/scrape noise it was making.

So it's all happening here, hope everyone else is having a less expensive week!


  1. Glad you can keep all your junk in the garage this summer! Happy Birthday to your son, the gym membership made me smile my daughter was discussing one with us earlier in the week. She assured us that she would use it 3 times a week!
    Sarah x

  2. Happy Birthday to your son! Hope your car repairs aren't too expensive. Mine has started doing a strange sound too and it'll probably have to go in to be looked at:(

  3. Oh dear about your car - I tend to turn the radio up if mr car starts making funny noises! Glad you don't have to clear out your garage / penthouse suite! Smiled at the picture of you and hubby 'playing cricket' in the kitchen! x

  4. Love that's he's so excited about the cricket that it keeps him awake! OUr car always arrives back with a different clunk and a graunch on the brakes

  5. Enjoy your year off from summer lodgers - I am so glad that the era of French/German exchanges is over!

  6. I hope that your car repair doesn't cost a arm and leg. My teen is 17 as well, heading very quickly to 18, I am finding it quite daunting really. All the best.

  7. Belated happy birthday wishes to your son.
    I hope the car doesn't prove to be too expensive!
    Great news about no extra lodger this year.
    Lisa x

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