Saturday, 30 March 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, I hope everyone in the UK is enjoying this Spring weather (more snow!).
We'll be off on an Easter Egg hunt tomorrow at a friends house, I posted about this annual event last Easter,  here.
Sometimes the Egg Hunt is held in glorious sunshine with games after like British Bulldog or football and sometimes it's been blooming cold and we've huddled together with mugs of coffee; however if this weather continues we'll have our first snowy egg hunt - hopefully no white eggs! The eggs are so well hidden and sometimes unwrapped (and hidden in rabbit holes!)
 that I do wonder if some of the chocolate we find is left over from a previous year
 - health and safety have no place in this Easter Egg hunt! 
Hopefully this year they won't float some of the eggs in the river and encourage the children to jump in - it terrifies me!
I remember that we have had snow at Easter before in fact one year it snowed on the first cricket day of the season. The builder (then captain of the village side) took up his position on the wicket when the snow started; and it came down quite heavily. Picture several men, all in white, shivering on a field open to all the elements. After a few minutes the team decided this wasn't cricketing weather and left the pitch; all except the builder! He stood on the wicket watching what he considered a mutiny and shouted at them all to come back! The language wasn't repeatable but he stood there for some time, while everyone else warmed up in the pavilion. Such is the dedication of that man - although there is a history of insanity in his family.....
Anyway back to Easter, we had the usual rounds of events in Primary school, costing me a fortune! We took in chocolate eggs for the Easter raffle, then we purchased raffle tickets to try to win said eggs! We made an Easter bonnet for the competition and tried madly to win the "stars on the wall" race for end of term. Stars are given for good pieces of work and Little Miss is very competitive. She was pipped at the post last term so had worked feverishly this term doing extra homework and even taking in homemade biscuits for the teacher (some would say a bribe- I couldn't possibly comment!) Anyway this term she was again pipped at the post on the last day and came second, no tears though as second prize was chocolate and first was apparently "some rubbishy fashion design book" - girl after my own heart!
We made the bonnet and we were very pleased with ourselves - I would be lost without a stapler!

Whoever said less is more??
In other news this week I was lucky enough to have my face painted
the face paint makes me look like I've got wrinkles - which I haven't!
And I took a wander down into our village just as the sailing club seemed to have something going on. Lovely to watch for a few minutes while I enjoyed a take-away cappuccino on my own.
Just shows how blustery it was

We also had a feathered visitor to the garden, not unusual but I don't often have the camera handy. You will notice that the garden is a terrible mess, but this is the year we make a start..... apparently!
Gardening is a tricky subject in our house as the summers are so full of cricket and the grass grows to about a foot long as no one has any free time. Of course the cricket practice nets get tidied, swept and groomed to within an inch of their lives!!
Happy Easter everyone, hope it's full of chocolate (if that's your thing) but enjoy the long weekend whatever you may do.
I'll draw names out of the Easter hat tomorrow for the blog anniversary giveaway, it's going to be a book or two I think (I'm so disorganised it will be a surprise to me too). It's not too late to leave a comment if you want to be included and I'm happy to post to anywhere in the world - it's so nice to have met so many new friends!


  1. LOVELY HAT!!!
    Happy Easter
    Angie x

  2. What a wonderful hat!
    I'm so glad Little Miss was happy with her prize, she is dedicated indeed.
    I hope you all have a terrific time at your Easter egg hunt and that a good time is had by all.
    Lisa x

  3. I love Little Miss' hat. Hope you have a wonderful Easter egg hunt and a wonderful weekend.


  4. I love that wee hat as well. Funny I don't feel Easter is celebrated as much here in the US, maybe its just the East Bay where we live or maybe I'm wrong. its certainly an opportunity for women to buy lilac and yellow dresses but not as much bonnet making and egg decorating,. You live in such a beautiful area. Those blusters must shake the cobwebs away!

  5. What an odd looking duck!
    That is one great hat and deserving of the Chocolate prize!

  6. That hat is fab! I love pheasants - they're so entertainingly stupid!

  7. The Easter bonnet looks fantastic, hope you had a good Easter egg hunt despite the cold wind!
    Sarah x

  8. what a fancy bonnet! Glad you all had a wonderful Easter! Congratulations on the anniversary!!