Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Cookery Expert

Well we've finished the week of non stop cricket, everyone was very tired by the end. It was a successful week though with the team winning 3 out of their 4 matches and the sun shone for all of them. And I think they had fun in the dorms, if the bleary eyes are anything to go by!

But of course as soon as the weekend arrived there was more cricket!
The builder and number 2 son have gone to Kent today for a County match, I've stayed behind with the other two as Little Miss has another match this morning. She's outside practising with her brother right now and she's very nervous!

She's probably the most capable out of all of them, number 1 son son seems to have lost the ability to do anything for himself just lately.

She cooked us all breakfast one day.....

                                                            ........pyjamas and chef's hat, that's how you cook, right?

Well we have a busy week ahead, hopefully with not too much cricket! I hope we can manage some swimming, meeting up with friends, an evening out, possibly a boat trip.....and of course the dreaded GCSE results for number 1 son, fingers crossed that his part time job of washing up at the local pub doesn't become his only career path!

Enjoy your week. xx


  1. Yay for 3/4 wins, that's awesome! I love the hat, I need to get one for me. I hope you have a good week too x

  2. Great result for the cricket team! Glad all had fun.
    Loving the chefs outfit!
    Hope the results for your son are what he's hoping for.
    Enjoy all you get up to next week.
    Lisa x

  3. Your nice kitchen looks good and what a treat having breakfast made for you. Little Miss looks quite the part! Hope Thursday turns out well.
    Sarah x

  4. Love the chefs outfit! Hope all goes well for the GCSE results.

  5. congrats on the wins!! we have a young chef too...becoming more and more popular in my family as he is now taking orders!!
    have a fun rest of the week!!

  6. Good result for the cricket! Love the chef hat too. Best of luck for Thursday!

  7. she looks cute in that outfit though! Excellent that she cooked breakfast for the whole family!!