Thursday, 30 August 2012

Messing about on the river and my prize

First I'd like to thank Lou at The Archers at the Larches for picking me out of her free prize draw! I won the tub of Baobab powder which I'm very much looking forward to trying. Sorry for the delayed mention Lou, it's been a busy week!

Lots of things have been happening since my last post and I don't seem to be able to grab 5 minutes to myself, it's not helped by the fact that no one knows I've been writing a blog, so I have to sneak upstairs to my office/boxroom/messy cupboard! I like to call it my office but really it's the dumping ground of a massive "to-do" pile.

Amongst all the things going on, as well as the tail end of the cricket season (before we hurtle into indoor winter cricket practice) number 2 son had a very short notice invite to have a week in Spain with a friend's family. I realised he hadn't had a haircut for 6 months and had no holiday clothes so ran around Norwich like a mad woman trying to find things in the Summer sales - of course I'd left it too late. A bit of online shopping got us a few bits so if you're in Spain & see a 13 year old on a beach with the tags still on his clothes or noticeably wearing last years shorts (2 sizes too small) please tell him his Mum says "Hi"!

I've tried to spend a little time doing things Little Miss would like to do as she has spent most of her school holidays in the car driving to her brothers matches. She managed 2 shopping sprees (using birthday vouchers), a swimming session and lunch out with a friend.

One thing we managed to do, just the two of us, was a river cruise organised by the cricket club (everything I do has a cricket connection!) We should have been in Kent watching number 2 son play (ie get badly beaten!) but as Little Miss had a last minute under 9 match locally we decided to stay home - so were unexpectedly available for the boat trip.

I thought you may like a short tour of the Norfolk Broads, or more precisely the River Bure. The river runs through our village and we picked up the boat just down the road at 6pm. Despite living withing 5 minutes of the river we never go out on a boat, so this was a rare treat for both of us.


And what a lovely time we both had!


  1. We had a boat trip when we stayed in Norfolk a few years ago. I love boat trips like this - you get to see so much you wouldn't otherwise - usually lots of fab houses and birds etc. Love the last photo with the shimmer on the water.

  2. Wow, I LOVE where you live. Gorgeous! The way you write about being a cricket mum makes me smile so much. With 3 boys of my own, and possibly this next one a boy as well, it gives me a glimpse of what may come. Our 6 yr old already wants to start cricket this summer - do I do I do I ???

  3. congratulations on your prize! And, I love that no one knows about your blog in your family! Only my husband knows about mine!

  4. Little Miss looks like she's in heaven. Those photos of her are so sweet. We stayed in Norfolk in an old windmill but now I really wish we'd sailed the broads (noone knows you do a blog - how intriguing!!!)

  5. Gosh, how do you manage to keep your blog a secret? My children scour mine for mentions of themselves and then complain bitterly about whatever I write! Fab photos - how lovely to have a bit of mum and daughter time together!

  6. Bet your son is having a fab time on his last minute holiday, how lovely.
    Your daughter looks very pretty in her summer dress and the photo of her with the Captain is great. How lovely for you both to have a little jaunt out with it being just the two of you.
    Lisa x

  7. Your boat trip looks wonderful, Little Missy looks as if she is having a great time steering the boat.My daughter and I enjoy having times out together. I'm amazed you are able to keep your blog secret from your family.
    Sarah x

  8. Thank you for your kind wishes!
    That boat trip looked lovely! Great Mum and Daughter time! Ada :)

  9. Hi, thank you for your comment this morning - you're right... every time I got one picture straight another wouldn't look straight what with dodgy walls etc! If you look behind the pictures you'll see a large number of first attempt holes!!!

    Your boat trip loos fantastic!

    Victoria xx

  10. Thanks for looking at my Broadland Blog. I can't believe that you live near the River Bure but never take boat trips!! Oh to live in your neck of the woods!